How to Make an Emergency Backpack for Kids

Did you know that September is National Prep Month?  Through some research, I stumbled upon this fact and thought it would be cool to make an emergency back pack for my daughter.  With everything going on in the world, it doesn't hurt to be prepared whether it is for natural disaster or other things.  Even if you just need to have a backpack ready to go for each child in your household for those spontaneous trips, it works well too. 
Okay, so one night, I began brainstorming and started to throw things in the back pack.  Before you know it, it was stuffed.  So, you have to balance the essentials with things your child really needs.   

When I made this emergency back pack, I was planning for one week of essentials.  I wanted this to be a grab and go bag.  In case you have to leave quickly.  So it must be packed with things that you won't be using from day to day.  It must be ready.  Once the bag is packed, it stays ready in a closet.  Hopefully, you will never have to use it.  But there's peace of mind knowing it's there just in case.  

I also thought that a backpack would be easier than packing a duffel or suitcase.  During emergencies limited space can be an issue.  When needed, each child can carry their own on their back.  It is easier to travel with and tote around.  

Also, if you have babies, then you will want to have an emergency diaper bag, because the list I'm giving you caters to children.  I'm sure if you have babies, you probably already have one of those anyway.  Right? 

Here's my list of items I included, but if you have any other ideas, please comment and share yours!  

Suggested Items to Pack: 

glow sticks (Dollar Store) 
crayons  (dual purpose- can be lit as a candle and used for recreation)
small Bible
small picture of family 
snacks in big ziplock bag
paper pads/art supplies/pencil
a few small toys

clothes for atleast 5 days:  pack a couple of variety of items for seasonal, and make sure to switch out items according to seasons-warmer or colder climates. 

tennis shoes 

tooth brush

tooth paste 
hand sanitizer
baby wipes
lip balm

small pillow


My travel roll-up bag is also a great tool for a quick grab and go  

click here to read my post all about it! 

Hopefully, this got you to think about preparing.  Also, I want you to remember we are not to prepare out of fear, yet we use wisdom that comes from the Lord.  It is wise to be ready in all situations.  You do what is needed for your family.  Pray and ask the Lord for guidance on this issue.  

Have you started an emergency kit for your family? 

Do you have any other emergency packing tips?  

Blessings and Shalom,  

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