Organizing Your Homeschool With a Roll-up Bag

Can you believe yesterday was National Back to School Day?  Some of you have already started school or just beginning, but the joy of homeschool is flexibility.  Don't you agree?  We started our homeschool year in July and took a break and now we are going back to homeschool in mid August.  It works well with our schedule.  

Since I am excited about posting more of my Back to Homeschool posts, I wanted to share with you this great idea.  Here is one way we keep school supplies organized while we are on the go! 

Organizing Roll-up Bag

I know that school supplies can be organzied in caddys, shoe bags and drawers.  You name it!  We all have our great ways to organize our homeschool.  

However, what about the times when you need to be "on the go" with the kiddies? Going to doctor's appointments, Grandma's house and even those boring car shopping trips  when you need supplies to keep those little ones from making you go car crazy.   

We use this travel roll-up bag from Mary Kay which is multifunctional.  I love that it has 4 bags that zip and they are see through so we know what to grab.  It rolls up, has a handle to carry and a hanger for hanging on a hook or hall tree.  

Hadara likes to pack in the first bag a pack of crayons, colored pencils, and markers. 

In the second bag, Hadara packs her scissors, glue sticks, pencil sharpener and pencils. You getting the idea? 

In the third bag we pack papers, note pads, mini activity books, and stickers.  

In the "favorite" fourth bag, Hadara packs her snacks!  Why not?  We all know that snacks boost creativity and calm those tummy rumbles. 

Why This Bag Rocks! 

We find that this roll-up bag works well for girls and boys.  The things you can organize and pack in this bag are endless and interchangeable.  Plus the bags velcro on and off.  The best part about this bag is that you can clean it and it's black exterior is forgiving just in case you don't have time to clean it!   

Mini toys, ipods, books, baby items and you can even pack a child's day outfit in each bag.  I was surprised how much I really could pack in this bag!  

Now,  I do have one of these just for me and I use it for my make-up and skin care.  It's great for travel or just to keep it all organized in my bathroom.  So, hey when the kids grow out of it, the bag will be useful for Mom anytime! 

There are many ways to keep our kids organized and I hope this one idea of mine helps you.  Do you have another great way to organize your kid's "on the go" supplies?  I'd love to hear what they are Moms! 

Remember, these days it's all about keeping it simple and easy.  
Back to Homeschool will be a snap.  

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