10 Ways To Fly Above The Storms of Life

When the Storm Comes

Let's just face it!  We can wake up one morning, and well, things may not go as planned.  It's frustrating and disappointing.  Sometimes, we face tough times for a day, a week, a month or a season.  

During the time when my husband Ruben was out of work and we were trying to make it all work out, it seemed never ending.  Yes, it felt like a never ending story and every day I woke up wondering if this was the day when a brink of light would come shining through.  

Homeschooling during that time was challenging.   
My mind was constantly thinking about bills to be paid, wondering how to make groceries last, gas money for the car, working my business to make money, yada, yada. . . 

I felt like I was slowly losing my grip on this "homeschool journey".  Help!! 

I knew I couldn't quit and I didn't want to, I just needed to refocus.  I needed to pray.  
Recently, one evening as I remembered this past "stormy" year, I took some time to write down ways that helped me weather the storms of life.

Stormy Weather

You may be going through a trial right now?  
And if you aren't, then you are probably coming out of one
or one is on the way.  Trials are a way of life.  
We can't negate them from our lives, too bad huh?  I know!  Boo hoo.

Reality is that we can learn and grow from them. 
Best of all, we can decide how we will press on through them!  There's no other way around it.

It's like waiting in the airport.  You are sitting down anxious and waiting to board your plane, when you see through the windows that there is a storm brewing.  

That means you will be flying through a storm.  

Well, you can't change your flight now!  The flight attendant calls your boarding group. 

That lump in your throat grows thicker, and your heart races harder. 

You board the plane, take your seat, buckle up for the flight and PRAY.  
It's time to fly through the storm!  No, better yet, above it!

Flying Above the Storm

Have any of you been through this lately?  I had a number of flying situations in my past travels such as this one and every time the Lord used it to test my faith.  Did you know that an eagle flies above the storm and not through it?   Success is flying above and conquering the storm! 

Storms are unpredictable.  You don't know when they will come or how long they will last. 

There is beauty after the storm.  The sun appears again. 
A rainbow comes forth and shines through.
The dirt is wet and fresh.   The soil is fertile again.  New growth
How exciting it is to see our trials in this light.  

Here are 10 ways I learned to fly through the storm and even above it!  Enjoy your flight.  

1.   Faith in the Lord

Pray!  Trust Him, no matter what.   He's the only One you need
When we get strength from Him we can face any storm.  

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;

in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.  Proverbs 3:5-6 

2.  Get back up again 

His mercies are new every day, every morning. 

3.  Don't question why, but how?

Ask yourself, "How can I learn and grow from this and help others"? 

4.  Revisit your passion 

 I love my ________ because , (you) fill in blank.   If I didn't have my ____
 what would life be like?  

5.  Be thankful for what I do have

Focus on your blessings and know God is working everything out for your good.
You may not understand it, but you trust Him and thank Him for taking care of Everything! 

6.  Even on bad days, put on the music and dance!  

Celebrate today!  God is purifying you through the storm, embrace it!  Gold.  

7.  Reach out 

Communicate with family, friends and mentors who support you.  You'll find out you have 
the greatest support team ever!  You are not alone.  

8.  Be content and be confident 

Acknowledge where you are and be confident in who you are in the Lord.  He just wants you to be you.  

9.  Trial, Triumph, Testimony

Your situation does not define you, however it is your trial that gives you a testimony of triumph for others to have hope and belief.  

10.  Never Quit! 

It's not an option. 
You can take a break, slow down your race, but keep running the race of endurance!  Keep flying and keep going Mom!  You can do it!

Art by our "little Princess"

Let me encourage you today that no matter what you are going through sister, the Lord Almighty will never let you down, never fail you and never stop loving you.  He holds you in the shadow of His wings.  Steady and still.  Believe me, I know.  Jesus loves you Mom!  Keep pressing on.

Blessings and Shalom,

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