He Just Wants You To Be You

How often do we sit down to talk with our girlfriends about size, our hang ups, wrinkles and how hard it is to just keep up with age?  

I was chatting with a girlfriend this morning over red pepper hummus and bean chips.   She is ten years older than me, and looks fabulous for her age!  It was funny to be talking about how hard it is to lose our tummies and how our bodies are becoming a little bit more interesting with age.  It just seems harder to stay or be what this world calls beautiful.  

When I was a teenager, my mom warned me about this phase of life.   Actually, she warned me about growing up too fast as a woman.  "Enjoy the age you are, she said, because one day you'll wake up and wonder where did the years go?".   Of course, I didn't understand what she meant.  I had no clue. 

Now, it seems my Mama's words are beginning to linger faintly in my ears.  Sadly, bringing my thirty-something me back to a place of understanding.   Well, now I'm much older, wiser and well, older.  I think it is safe to say that I am in that zone of wondering where the years went? 

It really doesn't matter what age we are or what season of life comes our way.  For some reason, every woman seems to be caught in that deceiving ocean that wants to pull us in deep and keep us from seeking the dry land of truth.   

How are we drawn by those ocean currents of nonsense and insecurities?  

When, all the time we are a total creation of beauty. 

Does it make sense?  

When we focus on how the Lord sees us, we can then be persuaded to see ourselves like He does.   
Did you know that the King of Kings, our true Lord, our knight in shining armor (gold at that) is enthralled with your beauty?  Wow!  The word enthralled means to captivate one's attention.  The Lord is so paying attention to you right now.  

Why do we crave the false attention of this world, when we have the attention of the Most High God?  

Now don't get me wrong,  I am blessed to have a business where I sell make-up.   I totally believe in women wearing makeup and taking care of themselves.  I know God wants that for us.  However, I am content knowing that all Jesus really wants you to be is you.  

Isn't it so freeing to know that He is enthralled with you?   Any way you are, look, feel, act?  Really?  Wow, that's hard to take in.   Especially,  when we wake up with bed head, p.m.s. cramping, eyes half open while kids are screaming for breakfast in the morning.  Do we really feel at these moments that we could have someone enthralled with us? Not really.  

Yet, our God is enthralled.  

He sees our heart.  He sees us beautiful when no one else may see us that way.  Even when we can't see ourselves that way.  Isn't that enough?  It should be.  

Ladies,  it's time to start swimming back to the shore of truth.  Back to dry land.  Swim away from the ocean currents of lies and insecurities.   It's time to believe who we really are in Him.   It's time to find the truth that He has been speaking to us all along, 

His words echo, "You are my Beauty". 

Ladies, let his loving arms enwrap you with his truth today.  Know that you are in no safer place than  In the presence of the King! 

What does it mean to you know that YOU are HIS Beauty? 

You are wonderfully and fearfully made girlfriend!  

Walk in His light today and keep pressing on.

Blessings and Shalom,

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