Five Minute Friday {People Get Ready!}

If you know me by now, you know I love to write from the heart.  Mostly, from what the Holy Spirit has me to say.  It may not be popular or perfect.  

However, it is truth.  

Today, I participate in a blogging challenge from the blog Heading Home called 5 minute Friday.  The challenge is, I free write for 5 minutes on a specific word.  Ready is the word of the day.  This is my first time participating in this challenge, so here it goes. . .  timer on, Ready, steady, go! 

Are we ready to meet our bride groom?  The Lover of our soul? 

As the bride of Christ should be making herself ready, it saddens me that many are not.  

Many still have unforgiveness.  Many are still loving the things of this world more than Jesus. 
Many are worshipping pagan ways partaking in unholy practices.  Many are being deceived by false doctrines and false teachers.  Many are drinking not of the living water, but of polluted water that soils the heart.  Many back bite, slander their brother and sister.  Many gossip and speak evil of one another.  

Many are compromising a for a luke warm relationship 

Many have pride and serve vanity.  Many are prejudice.  Many are confused. 

"What is this world coming to?".  I heard a Christian friend ask lately.  

Don't get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle. 

Don't let the things of this world get in the way of what really is important.   

Don't let this world deceive you!   This world does not have our best life now.  Our lives are but a vapor.  Our purpose in this life is not to make the best life, it's to serve the Lord God Almighty and do His will.    That means taking up our cross and denying ourselves daily.  Denying our wants and desires.  Denying the things that would cause us to be prideful.  

We need to prepare our hearts to meet him again.  For He is coming soon.  



Well, what do you think?   

Kind of goes along with our Princess Bride Bible Study, don't it? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

Have a beautiful Friday and a restful sabbath weekend!  You are amazing.  :)

Blessings and Shalom,

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