8 Emergency Tips You and Your Family Need to Know

Last Monday,  I shared with you how we had major flooding from the heavy rains and monsoons here in Arizona.  Maybe you saw or heard about it?  Our state received more rain in 3 hours, than we received all year!  Could we predict a flood was going to happen in the AZ desert?  Sounds crazy right?  When we experience emergencies like these,  we realize how important it is to be prepared.  Are you prepared if an emergency situation happened to you and your family?

September is National Prep Month and a great time to evaluate your family's emergency plan.  Maybe you have a game plan already or you are just starting?  Don't know where to begin?  It's now or never!  Here are 8 Tips to help you and your family get started. 

1.  Begin with a 72 hour emergency supply.  Once you have prepared for this time period, then you can increase it to one week and then one month.   This includes: canned food, water, and supplies.

2.  Water!  We all know that water is valuable for staying alive and keeping clean.  It is recommended  that a person needs one gallon of drinking water per day.   Begin to store enough drinking water for each family member.

3.  The 3 Rule.    Having one flashlight, one blanket, or one can opener is not enough.  Good for you if you have one of everything, but the saying goes, "If you have one, you have none".   Shoot for three of each item, but if you can start with two, then do that.  For example,  3 pocket knifes, 3 blankets, 3 flashlights.

4.  First-aid Kit.   Begin making one of these right away.  Start to take CPR, first-aid classes and purchase a good Survival Medicine Handbook.  In times, of emergencies, hospitals and doctors may not be available and it will be up to you to respond with medical attention.  For our family,  I have found this information is great for everyday life because it saves us lots of doctor bills and meaningless visits.  Learning alternative health methods and natural remedies is also helpful. 

5.  Hygiene.  Keeping clean and germ-free is important for preparing food, and keeping well.   Remember during an emergency, sewer systems may not work and going potty in a bucket could get a little messy.  Stock up on toothpaste, soap, sanitizer, extra water for washing hands and brushing teeth.  I like to fill up empty water bottles and old jars or detergent bottles with tap water and keep those set aside for hygiene water.

6.  Assemble an emergency backpack for every family member.   This is a go bag with essentials, water, emergency tools in case you have to leave your house quick.  Don't forget to make a backpack for the car too.  Children need extra goodies in their backpack.  Check out my post on How to Make an Emergency BackPack for Kids

7.  Family Communications.   Have a meet-up plan.  Make sure every family member knows how and where to meet up in case an emergency happens when you are apart.   Also, make a hard copy list of phone numbers for everyone to keep in their purse or backpack in case mobile phones don't work, but landlines or pay phones still do. 

8.  Be inspired to grow your own groceries.  Food becomes scarce quickly in an emergency.  Have you considered raising your own chickens?  How about starting a little garden?  Even city dwellers have a way to work around this one.  

Share this list with others, because you never know who will need this important information.  Be safe!  

Blessings and Shalom

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