31 Days of Praying For Your Child: Day 1

Can you believe it's August 1st already? 

Summer has passed right before my eyes.   It's "Back to School" time already for most of us or at least some of us are preparing for our new school year.  

If you have noticed, I took a few weeks off in July from posting on the blog to prepare and plan for all the goodies I have in store for you this fall.  Also, our Women in the Word Bible studies will be starting again in September.  Yay!  Plus many more exciting resources coming your way, it will blow your brain (in a good way, LOL).  

I'm so very "jumping up with joy" excited for August! It's the 8th month of the year and that means, "new beginnings".  

Are you ready for a new beginning in your life? 

Are you ready to commit to praying more? 

Are you ready to get empowered and inspired to pray over your children?   

I am too, so let's get started! 

Today, on the blog, we begin the 31 Days of Praying For You Child devotional.    

Every day, in the month of August, I will share with you a simple, yet powerful prayer and Bible verse to speak over your children and grandchildren.  My hope from this 31 days challenge is that we both can learn how to speak the Word of God over the situations we face on a daily basis as a busy Mom.  I pray this also encourages you to continually pray over your children daily and see the fruit of God's promises in their lives. 

At the end of this challenge, on Sept 1st, we will share any praise reports or changes you have seen in yourself and your children.  Let's grow together in this challenge, be more diligent in praying over our children and expect miracles.  Now is the time.  
Alright, let's do this! 

31 Days of Praying For Your Child: Day 1

You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. 1 John 4:4 

Oh God, I pray that you make your home in the heart of my children.  God, You in them is greater than any temptation, greater than any peer pressure, greater than any sin, greater than Satan and all the forces of darkness. God in my children is greater than any problem, obstacle, sickness, disease, sin or challenge that they may face in their lives.  
You, oh Lord, are greater than any doubts, insecurities, or uncertainties in their lives.  You are greater than any fear, worry, or stress.  

For greater is You oh God, who is in my child, than he who is in the world!  

In Jesus Name, 


Until tomorrow, Keep pressing on ladies! 

Blessings and Shalom, 

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P.S.  I would love to hear that you are participating in the 31 Days of Praying For Your Child challenge.  Comment below and let me know you are committed to praying for your children this month.  

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