Design 101: How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

It's that time again.  Remember my post about the Girl's Night Out event I attended at Down East Basics a couple weeks ago?  {Click here to read about how I started this Design adventure}

I promised you I would share the decorating tips I learned from Designer Debbie Stapley with you and today is that day! Double yippie!!

Decorating doesn't have to be expensive ladies.  It is possible to stay on a budget while making a beautiful home.  It just takes time, patience and favor in the marketplace.  Yes, I said favor.  I pray before I walk into a store and ask God to give me favor for finding the best deals and saving money.  And it works!  The Lord is good! 

Sometimes, we think we need to buy new furniture or paint a wall to make a room feel new again, but that's not true.  I learned that it's all about the little things called details.  You can refresh a room on a budget by adding accessories.  It's so easy and you will be inspired to start today.  

1. Pillows

Adding or changing pillows can help a theme evolve and tie a room together.  They can pull colors from different parts of the room and add personality to your home.  

The Happy House

Simple & Stunning DIY Envelope Pillow Tutorial

Budget Tip: Add a vintage brooch to a pillow or recover your old ones. 

2. Throws

Adding throws to your room adds texture, color and dimension.  
Place a throw on a arm of a chair, foot of the bed or arm of the couch.  

The Bilssful Bee

Budget Tip: Be creative. Use a large scarf in place of a throw. 
I used a black and white chevron scarf on my bed in my master bedroom to add some fun and personality.  This is the first time showing you my bedroom.  It's coming along, but I'm not finished yet.  

3. Animal Prints 

You can't go wrong with these timeless and classic designs.  Adding a little touch to an office or living room can add sophistication instantly. 


Budget Tip:  Make your own animal wall art.  

Rain on a TinRoof

4. Books 

Add charm to your room with old or new books.  
Raise something higher on a table or shelf. 

My Old Country House

Budget Tip:  Tie books or old magazines with string and display in a bin or basket. 

5. Rugs

Add warmth and color to any room when you add a rug.  
Rugs also help define a space in your room and can make a fashion statement. 

House of Rose Blog


Budget Tip: Shop stores like HomeGoods and Ross for affordable rugs. I found these chevron rugs at Family Dollar for only $6, so don't judge a store by its name. Saving money is smart.  

Watch Anchoring a Room With Rugs video

6. Baskets, Trunks, Bins and Trays

You can stack, arrange, and store with these organizers.  They help contain clutter to a minimum and add texture to any room. 

French Country Cottage

Budget Tip: A coffee table arrangement using a tray is simple and easy to move when cleaning or playing those board games.  

Wicks Nest

7. Vintage Anything

Add history and character to any space with vintage pieces.  This one is my favorite because I can showcase memories that create a nostalgic feel to my home.  

Fox Hollow Cottage

Ash Tree Cottage

House by Hoff


There you have it! I hope my seven design tips inspired you as much as they did me!
Stay tuned for Design 101: Part 2 coming soon!

Which one will you do to refresh your home this season? 
I think I'll focus on pillows and bust out that sewing machine 
and create some new pillow covers.  Go me! 

Comment below, I'd love to hear your precious thoughts. 

Have a beautiful day! 

Blessings and Shalom, 

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