A Girl's Night Out {Design 101 Adventure @ DownEast}

Summer is such a fun time to refresh my home.  I don't know about you, but I always need some decor inspiration.  I get lost on Pinterest collecting pics after pics, but how do I put all that together?  How about you? 

Two weeks ago, my family took a shopping detour.  You know one of those trips, where you thought you were going to Winco, but ended up at DownEast?  

Ever do that?  

A brand new DownEast store just opened up in my area.   I was shocked with belief to drive up in the parking lot and spot this new shopping destination to explore.  Score! 

So of course, we had to check it out, ahem . . . I mean, I had to check it out, my family just followed me through the door. 

I absolutely knew when I walked in, this was going to be fun!

I found a couple of sassy items, I will show you in another post.  

For now, we will just concentrate on the pretty sign that attracted me to sign up for this splendid event. 

At first glance, I just knew I had to attend this because . . . 

1st,  It would be great to blog about and share with you. 
2nd,  I need more design tips for a summer refresh in my home.

I'm kind of lost when it comes to decorating.  I know what I like and what I don't like.  I just need a way to make sense of it all.  

I was hoping I would come away with some new design inspiration, and home decor tips.  And girl, did I ever! 

So the day finally came and of course, I was the first one there.  This blogger Mama made sure she got front row.   Just seeing the presentation table got me all giddy!  

Creative boards, frame bulletin boards and vintage displays give a glimpse of inspiration. 

As more attendees showed up, all those seats behind me got filled up!  My precious daughter wanted to get in this picture before her and Daddy left on their date.  Can you see our excitement? 

Hadara is modeling her pretty in pink outfit from DownEast Basics we scored last week at 40% off.  She even window shopped a little and found this little cutie.   

I just love the little touches DownEast put into this event.  Every one received a folder with design notes and resources.  I really got excited with this cute notepad and paint color sample bookmark courtesy of DownEast Home. 


A little details.  I always love victorian tea plates.  The desserts were served on these little lovelies created from antique plates and candlestick holders. 

Our Presenter/Designer Debbie Stapley was such a joy to watch.  Her energy and passion for decor was contagious.  I learned so much from her!   

I had an opportunity to talk with her before class as she set up the desserts.  She mentioned that this was the first girls's night out event at this DownEast store.   I'm so happy I attended!   

I will share the best tips I learned from Debbie's Design 101 class in a future home decor post.  

And then, there were the raffle prizes.  I always like free products.  We finished off the night with announcing the winners! 

Guess who won a precious gift? 
 Yes!  I was blessed to be one of the winners.  Debbie told me, "It pays to the be the first one!".  I believe it! 

The revealing of my prize . . . so beautiful.  I have always wanted a vase like this and the color is perfect for my bedroom.  Now, to find a perfect place for it?  Thank you Lord for this special blessing.  

What a lovely Girl's Night Out I had at DownEast Home.  

I also vlogged about this perfect night on video. 
Here's the video highlight of the event: 

You can also watch it on my Little Pink Casa youtube channel.  

I'm so looking forward to the next design class! 
Remember, I will be sharing the best design tips I learned in future post, so stay tuned. 

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Do you have a DownEast Home & Clothing store where you live? 
Check out their website: DownEast Home & Clothing 

What are some things you'd like to learn about home decorating or decor? 

What is one thing you do to summer refresh your home? 
I love to add coastal cool colors and items in my home to remind me of the beach! 

Blessings and Shalom

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