Women in the Word Event Watch Now! + Free Bible Study Sheet

Thank YOU for taking the time and joining us this past Wednesday for our very first Women in the Word Live Bible study event!  

I just posted the video of this recent Women in the Word webcast.  It contains a study using June Fuentes' new book, "How to Build a Strong Christian Home".  We reviewed chapters one and two. I also include Bible key verses that help us dive into the topics of Our Home Built on the Rock and Vision with Hope.  

You can WATCH IT HERE or you can watch it on this post below.  

As a THANK YOU for being apart of this new Bible study, I created a FREE BIBLE RESOURCE for you to use with this study.  

It's great for taking notes and has all the Bible verses referenced in the video teaching of week one.  

Download your FREE Bible Study Sheet Printable Resource Here.  

I hope you find time to watch our 1st week video if you weren't able to join us live.  

Be sure to Register HERE for our event if you haven't already to join us next Wednesday LIVE!  We will review chapters 3 and 4 next week.  

I would love for you to participate in our live Google Hangout portion webcast.  If you have a google plus account add Little Pink Casa to your circles and we can invite you to join us in the hangout and chat room where you can join us live during our webcast.  We want other women to help read Bible verses, answer questions and most of all get to know other Women in the Word.  Let's do this together!  

The more women in the Word of God, the better!   Amen. 

Did you join me for the LIVE EVENT? 

Barely going to watch it?  
What did you think?  Please give me feedback and comment on this post.  I cherish your comments.  I can't wait to hear from you.  

See you next Wednesday-in the Word! 

Blessings and Shalom

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