Pray For Pakistan Today!

When a tragedy strikes, we usually feel helpless in the situation. However, the most powerful thing we can do when trials come our way is to pray. Many lost their lives in this devastating bombing that targeted Christians in Lahore Pakistan. As they went along their day, enjoying an afternoon in the park after attending Resurrection services. They were just like us. Though they live in a far off land, moms lost their children, families lost their siblings, wives lost their husbands, children lost their parents. We are heart broken by the loss. The Bible tells us to call upon the Name of the Lord in times of trouble and He will answer us. Today we can take a few minutes to call upon the Lord in prayer. You may ask, but what do I pray for? Here are some prayer points to consider: 

✔ Victims families affected by bombing
✔ Finances for medical needs, medicine and supplies
✔ Physical Healing for the patients in hospitals
✔ Mental healing from trauma and shock
✔ Comfort and peace for those who lost loved ones mourning the loss right now.
✔ Supernatural protection to surround the Christians in Pakistan
✔ Cancel all the plans of the enemy over Pakistan
✔ Our ministry team Pastor Adeel and Mary who are in Lahore to pray for victim's families affected by this tragedy. 

💚 If you feel led to help more, please consider donating for this urgent cause to help pay for medical treatments of victims. Your donations are saving lives and giving life back to those discouraged. When they know Christians in other nations are standing with them and supporting them, they know they are not alone. Extending compassion to the broken hearted is an act of love. 
💚 THANK YOU SO MUCH for those who have prayed, donated and will donate. 
💚DONATE HERE through our ministry:
💚-Love, Pastors Ruben and Rosenda Valenzuela
Little Pink Casa Ministries
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