5 Tips To Clear Clutter In Your Tween Daughter's Bedroom

Transitioning from a little girl's room to a tween girl's room can be simple with a few organizing tips.  When Hadara got her new full size bed, we knew it was time for a change.  The bed she had before allowed her to store her toys under her bed, but that was not the case anymore.  Part of changing a child's room to a tween room includes getting rid of unnecessary clutter.  What helped me be able to get rid of clutter with out the guilt is something I learned recently from taking a free online decluttering course.  Just because I am throwing away the item, doesn't mean I'm throwing away the memory.  I admit some things are hard for me to part with.  I confess I still have a few of Hadara's baby dresses hanging in her closet.  This time, I chose to let go and get rid of stuff by using these simple principles.  

1.  Cut Down on paper clutter. 

I love to hold onto old school art projects of Hadara's or tons of small post it notes, but do I need to keep all of them?  Keep a binder for these things and make sure to toss what doesn't fit.  Hadara also has a photo album that she keeps special moments or pictures but she must only keep what really matters.  Take a picture of it with your phone and create a memory of it on your computer. Also, when the kid's magazines or invitations come in the mail, write down the event on calendar right away.  After each magazine is read we recycle them by passing them on to friends and family.  

2.  Create a clutter cache.

Hadara tends to collect different sorts of things that scatter easily.  What's helping to reduce the scatter mess is keeping them contained in one box.  You can set some minor rules like once a month, your children sort through the box, deciding what to keep and what to discard or give away.  

3.  Obtain a large plastic bin for each child.  

Bins that fit under the bed are ideal.  Hadara's old twin bunk bed gave her extra space for extra clutter and toys, but now she is limited.  We bought small plastic bins that can be stored under her bed perfectly hidden yet easily accessible.  

4.  Buy something new, get rid of the old.  

We love books!  Hadara's book collection took up one whole book case. Way too much clutter.  She had to downsize from one book case to three shelves on a smaller bookcase.  Now, if she wants a new book, she must replace it with another she chooses to give away.  Bypass school book fairs, and visit the public library.  

5.  Keep collections down to one particular item.        

Hadara loves American Girl dolls and started collecting them a year ago.   Although, they can be fun to buy and play with, storage can become a problem.  There has to be a limit when collecting items.  Limit your child to collect one specific item or toy.  Then, make sure they have a space created just for that collection.  Most likely, their interest in that collection will phase out, so don't waste too much money on them.  

What are some ways you keep clutter at a minimum in your daughter's room?  

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Blessings and Shalom, 

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