Late Night $25 Shopping Challenge (because Mom needs to get out of the house)

Mom gets crazy idea while cooking dinner.  Hmm. . . Kohl's double coupon, 3 hours left to redeem. Hadara needs pajamas.  Mom needs to get out of the house.  Mom tells Dad, "we're going shopping!".   Can you figure out what happens next?!  

So I shared a Kohl's double coupon on Facebook last week and decided to take advantage of it myself. Last minute of course.  The plan:  spend $25 to get $10 off plus get 15% off.

Our goal was to buy Hadara some new pajamas, but we ended up with three long sleeve girly tops.  I just love the pink polka dots and the "so fancy" is adorable.  Actually, I shared on Instagram about our little adventure and hash tagged it #PrincessTween.  Appropriate for Hadara because although she is ten, she still loves to dress like a little princess.  

So, did I meet my $25 dollar challenge?  To be honest with you, it was $29, but after all coupons, we paid $17.  Not too bad for new winter tops.  Most of all, we shared some family time and created a fun fashion show in the dressing room all while saving money.  And mom got out of the house.  

What are your favorite ways to save on coupons?  

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Blessings and Shalom, 

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