How to Teach All About Reading Level 3 Lesson One {Homeschool VLOG}

In our last homeschool post, we shared about how to set up All About Reading Level 3 before you teach it.  Today, we are sharing how to teach All About Reading Level 3 Lesson One.  In this video, we walk through the entire reading lesson from letter tiles to activity sheets. This is what Hadara is using for her reading this year along with Learning Language Arts Through Literature Orange series.  Our video will give you a better understanding of how easy the lessons are to work through for both mom and student. 

So if you're curious about the curriculum or how it works, watch our video!  We want to help you in your homeschool journey.  Our next homeschool vlog is Our Homeschool Day with a 5th grader and Preschooler.  Be sure to subscribe below to our YouTube channel and the blog for more homeschool videos!  

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