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I'm a little late.   Yes, I know it's October, but I've been super busy since we started homeschool in September to write this update post.  We are in our 4th week of homeschool and really enjoying being back on a schedule.  Our new homeschool curriculum arrived 3 weeks into homeschool, so we are on our 2nd week using the new curriculum.  I'll talk more about our schedule and what curriculum Hadara is using in a future post.  I can't believe Hadara is starting her 5th grade year in homeschool.  Although I don't like to label her into a grade level, because that's why we homeschool.  Yet, to keep my former teacher sanity, ahem, for the record she's in 5th grade.  Also, we updated our homeschool room, thanks to Ruben.  I was seriously not looking forward to that job.  I was procrastinating somewhat, and then one night Ruben told me he was going to help me.  Yes, I love that man!  Ruben moved the desk across the room while Hadara and I cleaned up our bookshelves.  I love when we work as a team.  It's like a brand new homeschool room again.  It feels so spacious and when I walk in the room, I can think again.  I hate being a clutter bug, so now it's back to being tidy.  I still have to tackle the bulletin board, but that will be later.  It seems that as I go along, I clean little bits at a time.  Is that how you attack a huge job too?  Well, in the mean time, enjoy our First Day of Homeschool Update video below.   Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more homeschool videos all month! 

Blessings and Shalom, 

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