Celebrating Daddy's Birthday!

Last week, we celebrated Ruben's birthday.  Hadara and I had fun preparing for the big day!  We decided on a red, blue, white and yellow theme along with stripes for his gifts.   Ruben's been wanting to learn guitar, so we bought him one.  Yay!  He was so surprised!  Then, he was really blown away by all the clothes and new gifts he opened.  He couldn't believe it all.  You have to understand . . . when I first met Ruben, he wasn't a very emotional guy at all.  However, through the years (I think Fatherhood has changed that) he's become a sentimental and sensitive guy.   I don't mind.   I love that about him.  He shed a few tears when he read the cards we gave him.  Made me shed a couple too.  With all my heart, I wanted to bless my husband because he's such a good husband to me and father to Hadara.  We've been through the thick and thin, yet Ruben always bounces back.  As a wife, it blesses me to be able to bless my husband.  Some years, I couldn't do that, but I'm so thankful that this year I could.

We had such a fun day out taking him to lunch and then shopping and ended the day with a pizza cake.  You got to see the video to know what I'm talking about.   Overall, I think Ruben enjoyed his birthday because we were all together, just him and his girls.   Be sure to watch Ruben's birthday vlog below.  Hope you enjoy a view of our Pink life.  

Blessings and Shalom,