7 Things I'm Doing This Week {My Pink Life Update}

1.  What I'm Reading

Last Monday, I began the Makeover Your Mornings 14 day course by Crystal Paine.  After breakfast, I read a chapter from the course book, watched the daily video and wrote my notes in my journal.  So far, that's my favorite time of the morning!  Hadara also sits down at the table with me and reads her Girl Bible devotional and does a short art activity.  So far, I've been very intentional and dedicated with this course.  I really want to see a change in my life.  I'll be sharing more about this experience on future posts and videos soon (especially sharing about the yucky getting up at 5 am part!). 

2.  What I'm Listening to . . . 

This week I visited some music from my iTunes archives that I haven't listened to lately.  I love Kari Jobe and this was her first CD I think back from 2010?  Well, either way, I've been listening to her first thing in the morning when I wake up as I brush my teeth and get dressed to workout.  One of the things, Crystal Paine suggests in the Makeover Your Mornings course is to find things that fill up my soul, brain and make time for me.  Music is one of these things!  How about you? 
The other CD I've been listening to is Karen Wheaton, Pentecostal Fire!  This is the type of music you just got to dance to-total gospel praise!  One night, Hadara and I put up the volume and our favorite song, Sunday Night Meetin'.  It was a instant praise dance party in da house!  

3.  Workouts I'm Doing

One of my priorities or non-negotiables is to workout first thing every morning 6 days a week.  I started the Bikini Body Mommy 4.0 program and I'm on day 39.  It goes for 90 days.  I begin my workout with the BBM 4.0 day of the week video then check YouTube for 2 other ones.  I found a workout that uses ballet to tone my legs and strengthen my core.  It made me giddy to go dig out my old ballet shoes just to do this workout!  I love this workout and I can see instant results.  It's harder than it looks but it's worth doing once you get used to the ballet moves.   I'm also loving Rebecca's workouts from XHIT Daily for the core.  This week I focused on getting a slimmer waist line.  Total time of all my workouts is around 35 min.  I like to change up my workouts, so we'll see what I do next week.  

Here are the workouts if you're interested. . . 

Train Like An Angel 2014: Candice Swanepoel Full-Body Workout
Train Like An Angel 2015: Candice Swanepoel Leg Workout 

Workout For a Slim Waist 

4.  Healthy Eating 

It was four weeks this Wednesday since I started my healthy eating journey.   I love Laura's grass-fed beef we've been eating.  I found it at Kroger (Fry's in Arizona) for 5.99 a pound this week again.    I made yummy organic cheese burgers for the family and they loved them.  On Facebook I shared a video of Ruben giving his opinion of his healthy cheeseburger.  Hilarious!

5.  Deals of the Week

I picked up my Zaycon organic chicken order last weekend and had fun with that experience.  My Mom and I went together on the order of 40 pounds of chicken breasts so we split the cost.  Here's what 20 pounds of chicken looks like in my freezer (minus 2 bags already).  Each bag contains 3 big skinless, boneless breasts.   This was my first time ordering with Zaycon, but I'd have to say I'd do it again.  The only down fall was bagging my own chicken when I got home, but it wasn't too bad.  Overall, paying $33 for 20 pounds of skinless, boneless organic chicken is a score!  I made walnut chicken salad with my first batch and it made several days of yummy lunches.  

Target also had healthy food deals this week and I filmed a video for you all about that.  I also shopped at Bealls Outlet for Father's day deals this week.  All mens items are 70% off!  Ruben's birthday is coming up this week, so I got lots of men gifts.  If you still need to shop for Dad or the hubby, go check out Bealls Outlet this week.  I'll be filming a haul video on all the great deals I got soon.  

 6.  Family Time

After lunch, Saturday afternoon, our family discussion turned into this:  
Talking about volcanos to  Sunset Crater to Pompeii, then I had to go look for my college geology report from 1995 ( which I found) then that led to the destruction of the 2nd Jewish Temple to correlating all of this deep Bible history and science matter together.   What does it all mean?  Bible history is fun and doing it as a family is even better.  I love spontaneous discussions.  Now I'm diving into these books!  Learning more about how God is the same yesterday, today and forever. We definitely learned that diving into God's Word as a family is exciting!  

7.  New Things

Hadara is enjoying her newest toy from American Girl.  After 3 years of waiting for the campus snack cart, she received it last week.  Ruben and I blessed her with it for completing her 4th grade homeschool year.  She was so excited when she opened it because she didn't even have a clue.  We pretended it was something Ruben ordered to surprise her.  As parents, it's fun to bless our children with good gifts and see their faces light up. In fact, Hadara's filming a video tour of her new snack cart for our YouTube channel today.  Look out for that soon.   

And that's my pink life update!  Don't forget to check out my Fashion Friday post and new video where I share my coastal inspired outfit of the day!  I hope it inspires you to create your own summer outfit-coastal style.  :) 

Have a beautiful week!  
Blessings and Shalom,