A Day at the Zoo {Sentimental Sunday}

It's Sentimental Sunday and we're going back to 2010.  In today's video, I share Hadara's first homeschool field trip at the Phoenix zoo.  It was also her first time at the zoo.  Hadara is 5 years old in this video and she's so "chubby cheeks cute".  I can see how she's grown and changed looking back.  I was different too.  My hair was red.  Well, more like a dark auburn red.  It was very pretty, but I think I enjoy my dark hair best now.  Ruben had the day off so he could join us for the field trip and make it a family day!   Hadara enjoyed seeing all the animals, but I remember her favorite one was the elephants.  However, her ultimate favorite part of the day was the merry-go-round.  She's loved riding on those things since she was a toddler.  As I look back and see the footage, the one thing that hit me was Hadara's precious laugh.  Aww, the enjoyable age of five, kindergarten.  They grow up fast mamas!  I encourage you to take time to enjoy your children's smile and laughter.  You'll soon miss it.  

Blessings and Shalom, 

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