New Doll House Find and Video Tour

On a last minute shopping trip to Big Lots last week, Hadara and I discovered a great deal!  A bookcase was on clearance for 50% off.  I have to admit the pink and polka dots stopped me in my tracks.  It might be a bookcase, but I knew it would make a perfect doll house.  So, before all emotional purchases, I decided to think about it first.  We took a picture of it and walked out without buying.  That night, Hadara and I discussed where she would put it and how she could use it.  I also talked it over with Ruben and we checked our budget.  The next morning, Ruben and Hadara were on their way to purchase a new bookcase/doll house!! 

We were very impressed with the quality.  It was easy to build, already painted and it's very durable.  When Hadara is older, she can also use it for a bookshelf or we can paint it another color.  I believe $39 for this new diy doll house was totally worth it, plus it's so cute!  You don't have to spend a lot of money to find great things for you kids.  

Right now, Hadara is using it for her American Girl dolls and Barbies.  It's sort of like an apartment doll house, so she can change it out as she plays.  I love her imagination and creativity.  She decorated the new doll house right away and couldn't wait to film a doll house tour of her own.   Hope you enjoy her video and thank you so much for watching!  

Here's the lonely bookcase on display calling my name.  

One happy girl with a new doll house! 

What's the latest deal you've scored lately??

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