MM: Marriage Monday {Mr. and Mrs. Challenge!}

For Marriage Monday this week, Ruben joined me for the Mr. and Mrs. Challenge which was totally hilarious!  To be honest, Ruben wasn't too excited to film this with me.  He's a little camera shy, but getting better at it.   Since, he loves me so much, he gave in and in honor of our 17th wedding anniversary he accepted the challenge.  Half way through the filming he was on a roll and having so much fun!

We change so much during the years in our marriage.  Our likes and dislikes change.  Our perspectives and priorities change.  It will be fun to look back on this and see how we were as a married couple at this time.  I totally recommend you do this challenge with your spouse.  You can film it for your kids as a memory or make it a fun game night with other married couples.  Our daughter, Hadara had fun asking us the questions which we didn't know prior to the filming.   She also had fun putting her little two sense in, here and there.   She's getting more spunky and I love it.  I also have to give her props for making the cute little stick puppets.  

Hope you enjoy the video!

Blessings and Shalom,

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