My Mary Kay Story: Celebrating 14 Years of Pink Make-up!

It's throwback Thursday and we're going way back to the start of my pink beginnings.  Today's post is unusually long, so I decided to divide into two parts.   What I intended to share with you is not at all what I ended up writing.   Instead, I share my heart.  Maybe Valentine's day inspired me, who knows?  I guarantee if you read it all the way to the end, you'll learn a little about me and hopefully it will encourage you.   Thank you for reading friends.  :)  

The two things I loved to play when I was little was school and make-up.  I think I was three years old when I first encountered make-up.  It all began in our tiny red carpeted bathroom, watching my Mommy put on her mascara and lipstick.  I loved watching her.  She was so precise when drawing on her eyebrows and applying her false eye lashes.  Ha ha, that's another story.    I remember just thinking to myself, "she's so beautiful!".   I want to look like her when I grow up.  
My Mom's beauty announcement in the daily newspaper.  
As a young cosmetologist graduate of 1967, my Mom Josie definitely wasn't a beauty school drop out.  I grew up watching my Mom style women's hair in our kitchen many Saturday mornings.  From bee hives to Farrah Fawcett cuts to 80's perms, my Mom rocked her generation's hair styles.  

When I was eight, my Mom got invited to a skincare party.  It was, let's just say, brand x.  They asked her to attend their business meeting, and I got to attend with her.  I heard them talk about prizes and money.  Wow!  Pretty exciting for a little girl who was growing up in a tiny old 900 sq. foot home and her favorite show at the time was Hart to Hart. (totally 80's show, I know).  I was sold on the opportunity at eight years old and I encouraged my Mom to sign up.  She really didn't want to, but I so wanted her to do it.  So she did.   

Since I was the only child living at home at the time, I was very close with my Mom.  I had the privelidge of attending her make-up parties with her and was her little assistant.  I still remember setting all her mirrors up and placemats.  I watched my Mom skillfully conduct her presentation and was so proud of her every time    But, those 80's make-up parties got a little carried away with laughing women and margaritas.  Overall, the party sales were not too impressive.  My Mom, bless her heart, got frustrated with the whole idea and quit.  Mostly, she quit because she got pregnant with my little brother Josh.  Either way, I was extremely sad.  On the bright side, I had lots of make-up to play with and memories of make-up business that would pave the way for my future.    

I wasn't allowed to wear make-up until I was thirteen years old.  That included:  pressed powder and lip color.  No eyeliner, mascara or foundation.  I had to wait until I turned 15 to wear those products.  Once, I started wearing make-up, I became obsessed.  I was a teenage make-up snob.  I only used certain brands and spent lots of time shopping at drug stores for my cosmetics.  My make-up drawer consisted of everything under the sun.  I enjoyed wearing make-up and experimenting with the latest trends and checking the latest fashion magazines for beauty tips.   It was the early 90's and my goal was to become a super model when I grew up.  Big dreams for a make-up queen.  So when I walked into the kitchen one morning and saw my Mom having her first skin care facial with MaryKay, it caught my attention.  

That's the day I met Nancy K.  Nancy had just moved to Arizona from Wisconsin with her husband and children to begin a health food store.  Mostly to get away from the rigid snow.  Nancy was a new Mary Kay director and she had recently earned her 1st Mary Kay car.  I was amazed.  She brought all the make-up and samples, oh lots of samples, (I was the sample queen) to my home and pampered my Mom and I with facials.   We make-up shopped from our seats.  Make-up to try before you buy- yes please!  A teen girl's dream come true! 

That year, I had my first official Mary Kay makeover when I was 15 years old.  I gave in.  My mom and I attended a "Mother Daughter" glamour guest event.  Our consultant Nancy shared the business opportunity with my Mom that evening, but my mom decided it wasn't for her at that time.  All the memories of my childhood when my Mom sold brand x came flooding in my mind.  This time, I didn't push my Mom.  But I did fall in love with the cream foundation and my mom loved her classic basic skin care for dry skin.  We were happy customers.  

Soon I graduated highschool and started college where I met Ruben.  We fell in love, got engaged and started to plan our wedding.  By this time, I loved MK and couldn't think of any other make-up to wear at my wedding.  Nancy had also become a good friend to my family at this point.   She helped me create my wedding day look and made everything perfect for me.  I did my own make-up on my wedding day because Nancy had to attend a MK conference.  However, Nancy and her husband took a flight back as soon as the conference was over and made it to my wedding just in time for the ceremony.  Isn't that so sweet? 

Soon after we married, Ruben and I graduated college and I was ready for something new and different, but I didn't know what it was.   Instead of becoming teachers, God took Ruben and I down another path.  The path to ministry.   In order to make ends meet, Ruben and I settled with part-time jobs as teacher's aids for a inner-city school system.  We didn't have any money to spare let alone pay our bills or buy a house.  Our college debt was piling up and I was tired of living the way we were living.  We were newlyweds, just surviving.  We wanted to have a child soon and I knew I didn't want our child to grow up in the situation we were in.  Something had to give.  

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Blessings and Shalom, 

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