New Children's Bible Lesson: Do Not Lie!

By popular demand, The Beach Girls are back!  

Our first video Hadara and I created with the Beach Girls is our top video for teaching children the Bible.   I have to give credit to my daughter Hadara for this cute little series she began.  It all started with her sweet BIG imagination on a homeschool afternoon and a desire to teach kids about God's Ten Commandments.  

The first video, Thou Shall Not Steal has blessed many children and has helped as a resource  to many of you.  You have told me you've used this in your homeschool and even in your children's church ministry.  Hadara is so blessed because she began this video series to make sure that other children learn Bible truths in a fun and easy way.  
Today's lesson is about the 9th Commandment, "Thou Shall Not Lie".  In this adventure, we celebrate Stacey's birthday along with learning a valuable lesson on telling the truth.  

Beach Girls Episode 2: Thou Shall Not Lie
If you are reading this in a email, click here to watch. 

Here's also a FREE Bible Lesson and FREE Mini Booklet to use with the video from Church House Collection Blog.   They have so many Bible lesson resources for children and they are free!  

Thank you for watching today's video!  

How do you teach your children about telling the truth?  

Share in the comments below.  

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