Fashion Friday {Mommy Style: How to look chic in winter attire.}

Looking chic in winter everyday attire. 

Welcome to my mommy world.  When out and about, running errands, and grocery shopping I like to dress what I call Mommy Style.  My definition of Mommy Style is comfortable, functional yet fashionable.    Being a Mom doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style.  Looking cute on the go just takes a little time and effort.     When I have some makeup on, hair styled and a cute outfit, oh and don't forget a big smile, I feel like I can take on the world.  After all, I am a busy Mom on a mission.  

On Wednesday, it's our family day to run errands, shop and take Hadara to piano lessons.  Since we homeschool during the week, it breaks the monotony.  I look forward to these days tremendously, yet I will be honest.  I was in a hurry when I got ready this Wednesday morning.  However, I find sometimes I can put together chic outfits while under pressure.  Are you like that?  Again, I let color inspire my outfit.  I felt like wearing- Navy.  Got it.  Walked into my closet and starting picking and choosing the look.  That's it! 

What's my Mommy Style outfit of the week?  
I wore jean jeggings that I think my Mom gave me.  They are a little saggy on me now, since I lost weight.  I love the navy and taupe chevron tunic I found at Ross last spring for like $9 which I paired with my favorite navy cardigan from Jane.  You can't really see it from the photo, but it has shiny bling on the lapel.  It's classic with attitude, besides I think every mommy should sparkle.  I've been wearing boots more since the temps are lower here in Arizona.   I can't stand my legs and feet to be cold!  Ruben gave me these Top Moda riding boots for Christmas last year from Zulily and they are so comfortable.  I joke with Hadara and call them my "Prince Charming" boots.  My pearl bracelet and necklace is a past birthday gift from Ruben.  My on the go burgandy bag is Coach.  

As Hadara headed to piano lessons, she wore a cute heart top with pink leggings and Rampage black boots.  I love how she mixes neutrals with bright colors.  She's not afraid to be bold and show her personality.  Her pink flower head band was a gift from her Uncle Josh and she's sporting her Let's Play Music bag.  She's so cute! 

Well there you have it, Mommy and Daughter Fashion Friday!  I hope it inspired you to find your own Mommy Style.  It's whatever makes you feel beautiful!  Have a beautiful and restful weekend.  

What is your Mommy Style?  

Blessings and Shalom, 

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