American Girl Doll: A Mother's Review

It's been two years since I debated on spending over $100 on a toy.  Let alone a doll for Hadara.  I just didn't understand what the big deal was with American Girl dolls.  They seemed like any other doll.  

My first experience with American Girl was in 1998.  It was the first year the company started.  I don't remember how I found them, but it must have been when I was researching for last minute victorian wedding ideas.  We got married in March of that year and I really wanted Ruben to buy me a look alike American Girl doll.  Yes, crazy . . . but I liked collecting porcelain and pretty dolls at the time.  However, money for our honeymoon took priority and my doll dream got left behind.  

Fast forward to 2011.    Hadara was six years old and we came across American Girl movies at the library.   We checked out the historical girl's movie.   I didn't know American Girl had movies at the time, or that the dolls even still existed.  I really liked the movies that showcased, Kit Kittredge, Felicity, Molly and Samantha.  Oh, I totally loved Samantha's movie.  It takes place during my favorite time turn of the century period and has a lovely heartwarming message.  

Fast forward again to 2013.  From the movies, we found the dolls again via website.  I was astonished at how many dolls they had made since 1998.  I realized that they had Girl of the Year dolls too.  At this point, Hadara was very excited and wanted one.  Oh dear.  We were not at a good time financially, so paying more than a $100 for a doll was impossible at the time.  

They say, "good things come to those who wait!".  Well, this past Christmas 2014, Ruben and I went for it.  We took the plunge.  Hadara received her first American Girl doll for Christmas.  We wanted to bless her because she had been through so much with her neck injury in 2014.   We felt she deserved the special gift and we were at a place where we could budget for the doll and the accessories.  Also, with our purchase, American Girl was able to donate a doll to a sick girl in a hospital for Christmas.   Knowing that Hadara was sick for six months with her condition, made us all feel blessed to know that we were giving back to another girl who deserved a special gift too.  

So here's the fun part!  I get to tell you what I think about the doll, Isabelle Girl of the Year 2014.  

First, I am truly happy with our purchase.  It really is an excellent quality doll.  When you see it in person, it really is a beautiful doll.  The hair is so pretty.  It's made very well.  We've realized we paid good money for a good investment.  I would tell you details about Isabelle, but because she is no longer available, I'll skip that part.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves.    The only thing I would gripe about is, I wish the products were made in America and they more affordable.  

Second, the accessories are very good quality also.  The clothes, shoes, and other things are made very well. To be honest,  when Hadara and I have play dates together, I look forward to playing with her Isabelle doll.  It's kind of like my doll dream came true.  I have the doll I always wanted.  

Third, I like that the dolls are positive role models that keep the little in little girls.  I can see Hadara playing with her doll every day and she takes very good care of it.   I know it is important for little girls to play with dolls since it helps them learn nurturing and the role of being a mommy.  I really like how American Girl dolls help teach history and empower girls to shine through the books and movies.  

Who are these best for? 
I'd recommend these dolls for girls older than eight years old.  Only because, they are beautiful and cost more than the average doll.  I think younger girls may not take care of them as they should or appreciate them at a young age.  I feel Hadara was at a right age (nine years old) and ready for a doll like this.  

Will I be buying another one in the future?  
Most likely.  Don't laugh, but I really want Samantha for myself.  Ha ha.  I know, but hey you're never too old to be a little girl again.   Hadara and I are anticipating a new American Girl store opening here in Arizona this summer.  Hadara is saving her money now for a special shopping trip in the future.   We can't wait for Grace!  

I hope this review helped you in determining if American Girl dolls are a right fit for your little girl.  This review was not sponsored in any way, nor did I get paid for it.  I'm just sharing my honest opinion.  :)   You can watch Hadara's video of her opening and reviewing the American Girl doll below, if you like that sort of thing.  Click here to watch if you are reading this in a email.  

Does your daughter have an American Girl doll too?   Which one?  What do you think about them?  

Blessings and Shalom, 

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