Fashion Friday {A Peppermint Twist Christmas Date}

Every year for Christmas, Ruben and I plan a special date.  We started this Christmas tradition the first year we began dating.  It's sort of sentimental for us.  Some years are simple, and some are more extravagant.  Some years we exchange gifts and other years we just enjoy each other's company.   The importance about this tradition isn't what we do together or how much money we spend, it's about being together.  

This year, Ruben's company hosted a Peppermint Twist party for all the employees at a beautiful hotel.  We decided to take this opportunity to use this event as our special Christmas date besides it fell on 12/13/14.  Too cool!  I made a fun vlog video about our evening.  You can watch it here or scroll down below.  

It's been a while since I attended a banquet so I had so much fun getting all glamorous.  Can you see how excited I am on our way to the event?   Usually Ruben attends my Mary Kay gala events with me, but this time I got to be his guest.  The theme for the party was peppermint and the colors were red, white and black.  Ruben looked dashing in his favorite charcoal grey suit.  He also wore a white tuxedo shirt and a red silk tie he found at Ross (which totally matches my dress).  I wore a chiffon red dress which is one of my favorite oldie but goodies closet staples.   My feet sparkled in my silver princess heels.  Every woman should have some of those. . . shoes that make you feel like a Princess!   Next, I had fun with my makeup.  Who can resist red lipstick when you're dressing up for a Christmas party?   You can't tell in this photo but you can see it more in the video.  My makeup holiday look will be coming up in a tutorial this weekend.  

Overall, we had a blast!  After dinner,  we devoured a yummy white chocolate dessert.  The presentation was so pretty.  

The night was young, and we were off on the dance floor.    Ruben and I held each other close as we danced the night away.   I think that is my favorite and most romantic memory of the evening.  I could have danced all night (in Audrey Hepburn singing voice).  We so needed this evening together!  

Sometimes, we just need to get away and spend a wonderful evening with our spouse.  No kids, no interruptions, just us.  I encourage you to take some time this busy season to enjoy your spouse.  It's important to make memories with your children, and it's even more important to make memories with your spouse.  Even if you can't get away,  spend a romantic evening together at home.  Put the children early to bed.  Slip into a jazzy dress,  start the music and dance the night away . . .   Merry Christmas! 

Blessings and Shalom, 

What Christmas traditions do you share with your husband? 

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