Testimony Time {Lord, I believe You're My Healer}

Testimony Time! 
This past Friday my daughter Hadara came down quickly with a high fever and started to show signs of flu.  Ruben and I watched her fever and took care of her all night Friday and Saturday.  We noticed a funny dot on her cheek so we were off to the Emergency room Saturday afternoon.  Here we are at hospital waiting for doctor to come in with results.  Well, all her tests came up negative and they sent us home with a virus diagnosis.  By Sunday, yesterday she was so much better.  Her fever was gone.  

Friday when her symptoms first began, I messaged friends and family to start praying.  Some of those were you.  You know who you are!  Well, Praise God!  The Lord is good and prayers work.

 It's always hard when our children are sick short term or long term. Yet, it's the Lord Jesus who gets us through these hard times and sad times. We saw a movie on Saturday evening called, The First of May on TBN. It was so good. I recommend you see it.  Well, there was a line in the movie and the boy asks the Grandma, "Why doesn't happiness last?".   She answered him, "there are happy and sad times.  If we didn't have sad times, we wouldn't recognize how great the happy times can be, so enjoy the happy times while you can".  

This blessed me so much because it's so true. Enjoy our children in good and bad.  Loving them unconditionally, which is hard to do sometimes.  Yet, the Lord has taught me through Hadara's neck injury this summer and even times like this how much I really love my daughter and how a mother's love can go and grow so deep.  Imagine how much more our Father God loves us.  Deep, down from His heart.  So, just wanted to let you all know, Hadara is doing better Praise the Lord for He still heals today.  He is a Living God!

Blessings and Shalom, 

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