Fashion Friday: How to Fall Refresh Your Child's Closet on a Budget


How would you like to refresh your children's closet without spending a cent? Whether you live on a budget or want to save money, I have some great tips for you.  In today's Fashion Friday video, I show you how I fall refresh my daughter's wardrobe in a fun and easy way.  Got kids?  Then, this video is for you!

Fall Fashion Friday
Let's begin. . .   just to let you know . . .  all the items I'm wearing, I already had in my closet.  

Today's fall outfit of the day is inspired by the American country side.  It's a little bit of daisies, classic denim and pin stripes.  Brown riding boots kick up some dirt.  A vanilla cardigan wraps up this casual chic look.  

Hadara's outfit is pink bling country!  A hot pink sequin top with the words LOVE totally expresses her personality.  Her matching hot pink leggings and silver ballerina flats are so fun.

What are some ways you refresh your children's closet on a budget?  

Are you inspired to put together an American Country fall outfit?  

May you have a lovely restful weekend, from all of us at the Little Pink Casa.  

Blessings and Shalom, 

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