MM: Marriage Monday {The Journey of a Messy Beautiful Love}

Happy Monday! 

Today on Marriage Monday, I am sharing a special announcement with you that's so exciting,  I just can't keep it to myself!  First, I begin with this. . . 
As you know, I have a heart for encouraging you to cultivate a Christ-centered marriage.  My heart is to save marriages.   I deeply believe that when God is the center of your marriage,  no matter what comes your way, you can go through it.  Even when marriage gets messy.  

Throughout my marriage journey, Ruben and I have seen the Lord restore our love and hope during the messy times in our lives.  Yes, there were times in my marriage journey when I was broken.  I thought all hope was gone.  Perfection lost. 

Yet, the Lord restored and covered us with His tender love and mercy.  He brought healing to our hearts through His Word and many times through desperate prayer.   He bound up our wounds (Psalm 147: 3) 

Picking up the broken pieces can be painful, tender, and beautiful.  Yes, beautiful! 

As the Lord purifies the marriage, He cleans up the broken pieces.  He throws them away.  Never to be remembered.  He restores a new beautiful kind of love.  A new vision, a new masterpiece.  

God is a God of redeeming grace.  Even in your marriage.  No matter where you are in your marriage journey, God's LOVE never fails.  Jesus will make new again, what is broken.  
No matter what . . . there will be hard times, broken times and messy times in your marriage.  I'm being honest.  Marriage takes hard work, God's way.  I really wish I could go back and start from the beginning with everything I've learned.  I wish somebody would have mentored me or showed me how to prepare for the journey of mistakes and messiness ahead.  

We can't go back, but we can start from here.  We can go forward.  

As I moved forward, I found a precious mentor and Sister in Christ,  Darlene Schacht otherwise known as the Time-Warp Wife.  Have you heard of her?  I love Darlene's writing, because her transparency and wisdom shine through in her blog and her books like The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife and The Good Wife's Guide.  She is also Co-Author along with Candace Cameron Bure of a New York Times best-selling book, Reshaping It All.  Her ministry is truly built from walking through the fire and coming out as an overcomer!  I so get her. 

Now, for the Big Announcement!  
Last week,  I was chosen to be on Darlene's launch team for her newest book, Messy Beautiful Love:  Hope and Redemption for Real-Life Marriages.   Yay!! I'm so honored, humbled and excited.  It is a book about how marriage will have its share of messes, but despite what the world says, we need to surrender our marriage to God when things get tough and be obedient to Him.  

So far, this book has ministered to my inner-most heart, tears and all.  I can't put it down!   I'm so excited that I'm definitely planning to include Messy Beautiful Love as a Book study for our Women in the Word Live this Fall.  Can you get excited about that?  

I will be posting a book review soon, but if you are excited to pre-order the book, click here 

For those who pre-order, you will receive over $50 in freebies and believe me you will love them!  I'm so enjoying mine. :) 

Once you order, Provide them with your receipt/order confirmation number along with the number of books you purchased.  Soon after, your freebies will arrive in your email box.  Be patient as it might take a couple of days.  The wait is worth it

Check out the Launch giveaway:  This week, the giveaway is a KitchenAid 5 QT Mixer in Aqua Sky Blue.   The giveaway page:

You can also download a free chapter here.  

I can't wait to share more with you, it's gonna be beautiful! :)

Blessings and Shalom, 

P.S.  If you are excited about this or pre-order your book, comment below.  Don't be shy! :)

If you can't see the Messy Beautiful Love video below, click here.

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