Health Nut vs Healthy Living {Which is Really Better?}

One day I woke up and I said to myself, "I need a change!".   

A health change!

I've always been good with taking care of myself, eating right somewhat.  When Ruben and I were newlyweds, we were health nuts.  We even went vegan for a couple of years.  Um, that didn't work too well.  (We like cheeseburgers too much) :).   Seriously, I was eating organic before organic was popular.

The year was 1999.

The only grocery store at the time in our area that sold whole foods, was Whole Foods.  We traveled 25 miles both ways just buy groceries.   I researched herbs, supplements, teas . . . you name it!  I knew all the terms:  cage free, free roaming, grass-fed.  It was sort of an obsession for me.  I felt like I was doing the right thing, but nothing tasted good.   Oops.

I shopped for cookbooks that offered value, healthy and delicious meals, yet it was a lost cause.   When I did find a great recipe, it wasn't very budget wise.   Especially for a new married couple who were poor college students with part-time jobs.

Yes, I felt alone in the "health nut" journey.    However, there is a difference between "health nut" and "healthy living".   The difference is grace.  What works for my family, may not work for yours.

Today, I am so grateful for local organic farmers, and an array of whole foods offered at most grocery stores.   It seems that this "healthy living" has been tried and tested by folks who know their stuff.  

I may not be as legalistic with my healthy choices now, however, I am still wanting to feed my family healthy meals.  I want to have energy, vitality and be full of life.  For the Lord has a purpose for our lives and in order to fulfill that purpose as moms and wives we must be strong.  We must remain healthy.   How do we do that? 

Remember the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle I told you about?  It's here!  I wish I had all these resources when I began my "healthy living" journey.  

The family who created this bundle, reminds me of my "healthy nut" self once upon a time ago.  It was also a challenge for them to find great resources so they created a solution.  

Look at the various topics the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle includes: 
Here are some of the e-books I'm excited about! 

Making Organic Food Affordable,  Feast! Real Food, Reflections, and Simple Living for the Christian Year, Essential Oils and Natural Health  and The Eczema Cure, which I'm hoping gives me ways to cure my daughter's eczema .  

Here's a sample of some of the e-books, plus so much more than this! 

The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle combines a life-changing selection of eBooks and eCourses – with a total value of $1,030 – and sell them for an insanely discounted price of only $29.97 (PDF version) and $39.97 (eReader version).

I can't stress enough the importance of eating right not only to enjoy better health but also, save money, respect the environment and model a balanced lifestyle for our kids.  

The resources in this year's Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle will help you do all of that with their gentle guidance, home-kitchen tested recipes and comprehensive information.   

In the end, healthy living beats a "health nut" every time! :)

Hurry sale ends September 15!  

Check out the video below for more details: 

Can't see the video, click here:   The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle from Ryan Langford on Vimeo.

Blessings and Shalom,

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