My Easy Peasy Sugar Cookie Recipe Review

Sugar, Sugar, honey, honey . . .  my little girl loves sugar cookies.  She adores them!

From the time she was a baby, I knew she was going to be a vanilla kind of girl.

Sadly, she does not favor chocolate, but she sure loves anything vanilla.

When I worked at the Apple store, (Yes, I really did work there and I admit I am a techy at heart) I made many trips to Paradise Bakery.  That was the place where we found the best sugar cookies and snicker doodles ever.  Hadara was only four when she got hooked on those cookies.

So, my daughter compares every cookie to Paradise cookies when being critical, and that she is!

Last week, she wanted to eat sugar cookies, however, I wasn't feeling like spending $5 on cookies or wasting my gas to drive across town.

Then, I grabbed my iPad and started to search my Pinterest Yummy Creations board for sugar cookies  galore.  I found a few, so this post is the review of the recipes I found.  

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While I assumed, I'd be making at least two dozen cookies, I was quickly disappointed when I opened the pantry to find my flour somewhat gone.

I poured what flour I had left into a measuring cup and had exactly 1 cup. (Add flour to shopping list).

I did some calculations and this is what I came up with for making 1 dozen sugar cookies just to treat the appetite of a nine year old.

Watch my sugar cookie recipe in action here.

Recipe One- Super Soft Sugar Cookies from the Kitchen McCabe
The Kitchen McCabe
I used the secrets on how to get soft cookies from this recipe only.  Will like to try this one, when I have enough flour next time.

Recipe Two- 1 dozen Cut out Sugar Cookies from Dessert For Two 

I used this recipe for my cookies.  I guess I wasn't used to using less flour, because it seemed so skimpy to me.  I don't think the liquid ingredients matched quite well with the dry ingredients ratio, because the dough ended up being dry.  Also, they weren't sweet enough.  :(  I only got 10 cookies instead of 12 because I rolled dough out thick to get softer cookies.  I'm sure this recipe would work for thinner cookies though.  

RESOURCE BonusBest Chocolate Chip COOKIES from Handle the Heat -  great baking tips for all cookies!

Did you know if you add 1 Tablespoon of corn starch to every cup of flour to any cookie recipe, they will turn out soft and almost perfect?    I'll have to try that next time.

My Review of Recipe Two

What I liked about the recipe: 

My cookies did come out chewy and perfect in texture.  First time ever!  So hooray for the tips on getting soft cookies from recipe one.

Butter cookies are so yummy.

What I didn't like: 

The dough was too dry and crumbly.  Had to work with it after I took it out of mixer to get a right consistency.

The cookies weren't sweet enough.  I would add 1/3 cup more sugar next time.

What I would do different: 

Make the full recipe with 3 cups of flour.  The 1 cup flour ratio to liquid was just too dry.

I wouldn't use the mixer.  I feel the mixer didn't mix it enough.  t think the good ole hands will do the trick for this recipe next time.

My Results

My daughter iced them with lemon frosting and rainbow sprinkles.  Didn't she do a great job?

All in all, it was a pretty easy and tasty recipe and like my video shows, pretty fast.

Within 30 min, we had milk and cookies, yum!  These cookies satisfied the craving. 

That's faster than I could go to the store and buy them!

One of the many reasons I love to bake and cook in my kitchen.

Who would have thought?! 

 Do you have a easy peasy best ever sugar cookie recipe? 

Got any tips for making soft chewy ones? 

How about a gluten-free recipe or alternative for white sugar recipe? 

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