How a Prayer Box Can Inspire Your Children to Pray!

Happy Wednesday!  It's a beautiful day to pray for our children.  

Our 31 Days of Praying for our Child challenge is coming to a end, but that doesn't mean we stop praying.  

September is a great time to teach our children how to pray and to make family devotional time a priority.  I'm amazed by how sweet the little children are when they pray, yet their prayers are so powerful.  Our babies need to know the authority they have to pray for others and situations in Jesus Name.   Especially at this time right now, it is critical they learn how to talk to the Lord and pray for others. 

I started a new teaching series with my Bible class students for our home fellowship just a week ago.   One of the topics we are covering includes prayer.  As a way to teach the children about prayer, we use a prayer box.    I'm also are using this during homeschool Bible time with little Princess. 

I recently posted about the prayer box I created on Instagram and many of you wanted to know more about it. 

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So to make a long story short. . . Princess and I made a video just for you to tell you how we use the prayer box and how you can too.  

Click on pic below to watch video or click here.  

As a THANK YOU for visiting our youtube channel and watching this video, You Win a prize- An Emmy Award.  (inside joke)  

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 Inspire your children to pray today!  

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