Are You Ready to Be a Princess Bride? {Making Yourself Ready for the King}

Let us be glad and rejoice and give honor to Him.  For the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife hath made herself ready.   Revelation 19: 7 

I longed for the day to be a bride.  Everything  I had imagined of walking down the aisle was about to happen.  I was adorned, radiant and ready to meet my groom, Ruben at the altar.

When I awoke that spring morning, the sun was out, flowers blooming, and a beautiful light cool breeze a blowing.  I gently lifted the bed sheets and covers over my face, as I told my Jesus, "thank you for this perfect day". 

All the planning, dreaming and waiting was over.   

The time had come.  As I took my Father's arm he slowly walked me down the long outdoor path.  At that moment, I was ready to meet my groom.  I recalled all those precious memories that brought me to this day.  The journey was clear now.   I waited upon my Abba Father for this day to finally arrive.  

My Abba Father had carried me these past years with my arm tucked into His.   Now He would be carrying both Ruben and I on this marriage journey.  All three of us walking side by side, the rest of life’s path.  Pursuing the call on our lives together.  

I walked down that aisle with eyes focused forward.  Then, Ruben’s eyes met mine, we stood there before God to be joined in Holy matrimony. 

God’s peace was eminent.  Shalom. 

No one or nothing could interrupt this set and appointed time. A beginning of a destiny that had been sowed in our lives was now giving birth.   We were ready to heed the call.  



For we were becoming one flesh.    

Where ever Jesus would lead us from here, we would follow.  

My Reflections: 

When I wrote this journal entry twelve years ago, I didn't realize how symbolic it would be for today.  I'm amazed as I read this, years later, how it compares to the relationship we have with Jesus our Messiah and His return.  For such a time as this!  The Lord has asked me share this with you.  Praise God! 

Don't you just love how the analogy of Jesus and His church compares to the Holy marriage of a bride and groom? 

Do you remember when you were a bride? 

Do you remember the love and expectation you had for your future husband? 

Today, I want to paint a picture for you.  

I want you to realize how beautiful and noble the role of a Bride truly is to God.  

In this world, the term Bride has been downplayed, abused and fornicated.  However, to our Abba Father, His Bride is a perfect princess.   

The Bride of Christ is truly a Princess Bride.  

So, I ask you, "Are you ready"? 

Are you ready to be a Princess Bride? 

Next month, I'm beginning a new bible study called, "Princess Bride" where you will learn how to prepare yourselves as a Princess Bride ready for her King.  My hope and desire is that you will join me in this beautiful, yet challenging series.  This is the time to make yourself ready for the King.  He is coming and He is coming soon! 

Now, I know that calling this study, "Princess Bride" may get some asking, "what about the guys?".   I can totally understand your concern.  As we know in the Bible, the analogy used "bride of Christ" does not put emphasis on gender, but on relationship.  

I also write for women and that's you!  Little Pink Casa is devoted to encouraging women in Biblical teaching and cultivating a Christ-centered home.  This study is focusing on you as a woman preparing yourself as the Princess Bride of Christ, however, the teaching is relevant for women and men.  We all are called to be ready and prepared for the coming return of Jesus and to also live our lives ready at all times here on this earth.  

As a added bonus, I have formed a closed group on Facebook dedicated just for "Princess Bride" bible study ladies.  This will be a safe place for us to connect, share and chat about the study as we go along.   Click here to check it out and to join our group called, Bible Study Clubs-Little Pink Casa and Friends.  

I'm so excited!  How about you?  

More to come just for you!  

The Time-Warp Wife

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The Lord is good!  Be encouraged my sweet friend and get ready for you are a Princess in training.  You are royalty, Daughter of the King ! 

Blessings and Shalom

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