MM: Marriage Monday {The Day I Said Yes!}

I usually write on my blog to encourage women.  Today, I also write to encourage myself. 

Getting caught up in the everyday life of being a Mama can make us forget how important our husband is to us. 

Today, I admit, I'm guilty of that. 

Then, this morning,  I had a glimpse of a sweet memory  . . . the day my husband proposed to me.  

Today, 18 years ago, I was asked the big question that many women long to be asked, "Will you marry me?".  

That day was overwhelmingly joyful!  Ruben was adorably romantic.  He only dropped the ring once. . . he was so nervous.   He waited anxiously for me to answer with that one word, "yes!".  

That night, I couldn't sleep.  I felt like I was walking on air.  I was going to be Ruben Valenzuela's wife!   A dream come true.  

This is the day I said yes! 

Think back to the day when your husband asked you to marry him? 

We all have our precious unique love story, don't we?  Yet, do we take the time to remember? 

Your husband chose you!  You chose Him!  Together you are a beautiful love story.  

If you can picture in your mind all the other women who would love to have him and remind yourself that he chose you.  It will make you realize how blessed you are. 

Your husband isn't the only one who chose you.  The Bible says in John 15:16, "You did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear fruit, and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask of the Father in My name He may give to you".  

You did not choose God, but He chose you.  It's a choice of eternity-love everlasting.  
Just as I may take advantage of the fact that I have been blessed with a wonderful loving husband, I can also forget the One who gave my husband to me.  

Oh Lord, may I never forget that you chose me first.  

I choose to be intentional in remembering how thankful I am for my husband. 

I choose to be a wife first, then a Mama.  

I choose to remember that I am his and his alone.  

I choose to remember that I am yours Lord.  

Today, I take a sentimental journey that reminds me to be grateful for my husband.  I am blessed to be married to such a kind and loving man of God.  I love my husband.  

Even after all the mistakes we've made, and all the hard times we've faced, I thank the Lord for seeing us through the storms of life.  

The marriage journey has not been easy, but I would marry Ruben all over again if he asked me to-

I wouldn't change a thing! 

What are some ways you keep your husband at the top of your list?  

Do you got a special engagement story?  I'd love to hear it, comment below! 

Blessings and Shalom

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