Happy Mother's Day Beautiful Mama!

This post is dedicated to all the Mamas in the Little Pink Casa today!

Has anyone told you, "you are amazing?".  

Has anyone told you, "you are not a failure?". 

Has anyone told you, "you are a masterpiece?". 

Well, today I am telling you!

This past Friday, I took my Mama out for a Mom's Day out!  Got her out of the house and drove us down to the theatre to see Moms' Night Out!  

I can't tell you enough how much this movie is a blessing for Mama's out there!

I would love to dedicate more time on another post about the influence this movie had on my Mother, but today just know that it's a movie you definitely need to see!

Here is another short film that I think you should watch.  It's not big or in Hollywood, but it's a story of a mother's love.  How deep is a mother's love for her child?   So deep.  Love never fails.  Click Here to see the video, called "My Beautiful Woman".  

Enjoy your day, Mama!  However it may turn out.  

I've been there where some Mother's Day's aren't all they are cracked up to be.  

But remember, mother's day is everyday in God's eyes.  

It don't matter what gifts you get now, or don't.  It don't matter where your family takes you out to dinner or not.  It doesn't matter what flowers you get or don't.  What matters is that you know YOU MATTER!



Blessings and Shalom,

my special young mommy moment. 

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