30 Summer Fun Activities for Kids

Hola Mamas, have you got your summer game plan yet?

Whether you homeschool or not, we all need a game plan for what to do with our kids during those long, hot summer days. One of my lovely mommy readers asked me for some ideas in this area.  
"How do you keep your kids busy during the summer?".    
I definitely have some ideas for fun and easy activities that won’t break the bank! 

Here’s a summer game plan great for any family. 

First, sit down and brainstorm activities you are willing to do on a daily or weekly basis. It should be fun for both you and the kids.  (Refer to my list below) 

Grab that calendar.  Start with the month of June first, then you can modify what worked or didn’t work when you create your July calendar later.  

Post your errands, appointments, birthdays and holidays such as swim lessons, vacation time,  etc. . .   first before adding summer activities.  After doing this, you will realize there are less days to utilize.  

Choose a different daily activity for every day of the month or choose 5 daily theme activities and repeat them every week.  Whatever works with your family is good!  Now for the fun part . . . time to choose which ones! 

30 Summer Fun Activities for Kids

Get your Free Printable List here 

1. A “Learn how to ?” day  
Use this day to teach the kids in a group, something useful or a skill.   It could be anything from how to make a PB & J sandwich or how to fold laundry.  

2. Wet day 
It’s hot outside!  Live by a lake?  Got a hose?  Even if you don't have a pool, you can buy a kiddie one or go to the community pool.   Even parks and outdoor malls have free splash pads and water zones.  

3. Craft day 
Get creative, there are many websites with free printables. 

4. Library day
Summer reading programs at city and county libraries offer prizes and they are a fun way to  keep the kids reading through the summer.  

5. Park day
It's free and it’s fun! 

6. Friends day
Play date anyone?  Get together with other moms and kids for play and lunch. 

7. Movie day 
Some theaters have discount movie prices during the summer or even has free movies for the kids!  

8. Museum day 
Explore your city, there are many free resources available and discounted summer prices for  kids. 

9. Sports day 
What are your children’s interests?  Teach the kids how to play a sport.  

10. Cooking day 
Summer shakes, popsicles, cool treats are fun recipes to make in the kitchen.  

11. Create a Movie day
Make your own home movie, song, dance, skit or puppet show.  

12. Free Day 
Kids choice! 

13. Surprise day 
Just like it sounds, you pick it Mama! 

14. Let’s Get Out of the House day 
This is open to whatever you pick, just do it out of the house.  

15. Visit a Relative day
Have any family close by, go visit them.  

16. Help a Friend day 
Serve in the community or show hospitality.  

17. Beach day 
If you don’t live by the beach, make it a beach theme in your backyard!  

18. Nature day
Take a early morning nature walk or do some gardening. 

19. Picnic Day
Grab a blanket, pack a lunch and eat some watermelon! 

20. Music day
Make musical instruments or put the music on and dance. 

21. Game day
Board games, activity games, remember Twister?

22. Book day
Choose a book to read as a family and do a unit study or lap book.  

23. Pajama day
Breakfast for dinner and a chill kind of day! 

24. Art day
Painting, play dough, get your creative on!

25. Science day 
Explode that volcano, learn about the planets.  

26. Zoo day 
Some zoos like our Phoenix zoo has a splash pad to play and cool off after visiting the animals.  

27. Puppets day
Make puppets, put on a show!

28. Lemonade Stand day
Remember doing this when you were a kid?    it’s always fun to set up a stand and have kids learn business.  F.Y.I. check your city town laws first.

29. Write a letter day
Kids love to get mail, so write on. 

30. Purge day
Have kids help clean their rooms of unwanted toys, clothes and donate or have a yard sale.  

Which of these ideas was your favorite?   
My daughter and I love wet day especially when her cousins come over and have fun in the pool.  

Do you need a daily schedule for summer? 

You can get 3 free family schedule printables for summer from Biblical Homemaking here.   

What are some activities you do with your kids in the summer?

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Blessings and Shalom

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