Beauty in the Desert: How to Bloom in the Dry Places of Life

As flowers bloom, so does my soul
Even in dry places, I will flourish. 
For you are my living water.  
Lord, you are my beauty in the desert.
-Rosenda Valenzuela 

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Have you ever been in a spiritual desert?

A dry place where you may feel alone, wonder where God is? 

You may feel like you are working the ground, planting the seed, yet water is no where to be found. 

Where is the rain you may ask?  You look up to the sky. The sun feels hot.  

You thirst for water. 

When will you see the fruit of your labor?   When will you taste a drop of water? 

Sometimes as Wives and Moms, we can feel like we are living in a spiritual desert. 

Staying up late with sick children.  Waking up early to nurse the baby can make us weary.

Continuously praying for specific petitions when we aren't seeing the answers can be discouraging. 

Dealing with a troubled teen or a rocky marriage can be frustrating. 

We are all at different places on our special life journey. 

However, when we are in that desert place, we need to look up and not just see the chaos, but see the beauty God is creating from it. 

Can good come from the desert?

I've lived in the desert all my life.  Arizona is a dry land.  As I grew up not appreciating my own homeland, I longed for green grass, lush vegetation beautiful gardens of flowers and blooming trees.   I would cry, "Lord get me out of this desert!".  

Well I'm still here. (ahem) 

Many come to Arizona to see the beauty of our mountains and cacti.  I'm always amazed and  wonder what do they see in all of this brown dirt?   What good can come from the desert?  

my little magnolia tree
When I got married, the first thing I wanted to do in our little yard, was plant pink flowers and a sweet little magnolia tree.  Well, magnolia trees aren't native to desert soil.  Yes, I was stubborn.  As you can see in this photograph, I was determined.   Ruben and I drove down to the nearest nursery and bought a magnolia tree.  We planted it in our little yard.
Can you see where this is going?  I found out it takes more than just planting a tree to see the fruit.  

It took selfless care, extra water, plenty of nourishment and patience.  

Miraculously, that magnolia tree grew the first year we lived at our first home.  

I was so happy and every time I looked at those big white petals,  I was reminded that there is hope in the desert.  

When we moved from that house, I was sad because I couldn't take my magnolia tree with me, but I took the lesson I learned.  There is always beauty in the desert

A few a days ago, almost 16 years later,  in our desert yard, I was reminded again.  

This time, our cactus bloomed it's first spring petals.  It was a sweet surprise, a gentle reminder.  A kiss from God.  He's so good like that, isn't He?  

 And the LORD will continually guide you, And satisfy your desire in scorched places, And give strength to your bones; And you will be like a watered garden, And like a spring of water whose waters do not fail.   Isaiah 58: 11 

During the dry places in our lives, we can be rest assured that the Lord is with us.  He is our strength.  He makes all things beautiful in His time.   Let me repeat that.  The key is in His time.  Only with patience and persistence can we can see this and taste His living water.  Oh and let me tell you, it is good! 

God uses those things which we think are ugly and not worth the time or effort to teach us a lesson.  A good lesson.   A time of testing and trial may be what it takes to make us thirst deeply for Him.  Only for Him.  

Yes, there is a purpose for a dry place.   

What God sees is not what we see.   Thank God for that! 

Aren't we like this cactus bloom in the desert?  

Yet, we are sinners, God's grace covers us with His garments of forgiveness and praise.  

And from nothing, He has made beauty.  You are His workmanship.  You are His beauty.  

I've written some Bible verses for further study if you are experiencing some dry places in your life right now.  Take time to read these scriptures and be encouraged.  You are not alone. 

Living Water:  

John 4: 13-14 

Jeremiah 17: 8 

Jeremiah 31: 25

Matthew 5: 6

John 6: 35

John 7: 38 

Revelation 7: 17 

Beauty for Ashes

Isaiah 61: 3 

All Things Beautiful

Ecclesiastes 3: 11 

Perfecting our Faith

James 2:22 

Purpose for Everything

Ecclesiastes 3: 1-13 

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The Lord will meet you where you are, my friend.  

Let Jesus be your living water and you will thirst no more. 

Oh taste and see that the Lord is good! 

Blessings and Shalom, 

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