The 5 Best Things About Father Daughter Dates

This weekend, my hubby escorted our daughter on a special date.  

It was their annual "Father Daughter Dance".   

Every year, our community offers a Father Daughter dance around Valentines Day.  My hubby and the little Princess have been attending this since she was three years old.  I have photos lined up on our wall in the hallway showing the growth of each year.  Wow!  Catching a glimpse of these photos as I pass  them from day to day, remind me of how fast she is growing up.  tear tear. 

As I wipe my eyes, I write this with a passion to persuade you how important it is for your daughter/s and their father to have these special times together.  

I was touched by this statement I saw on a post from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine"Speak of her father as the Hero of the family".   Does your daughter see her daddy as her hero? A Father Daughter date can do just that! 

Referring back to my Blessings Series, "Blessing For Your Husband", if you haven't read that already, you'll love it!   Their Father is the first man our daughters encounter.   How he treats her affects her outlook on herself, future relationships with men, her future husband and most importantly with Father God.  (I like to use the Hebrew word for Daddy, Abba).  :)
With no positive example of a loving Father figure, daughters may seek the negative form.  That's what we don't want.  As an encouragement to fathers, take the lead and be your daughter's hero.  Cultivate your relationship and love your daughters.  

I asked my daughter what she loves about having father daughter dates with her Daddy and I was surprised by what she told me.  Oh don't get me wrong, they were great answers and very mature ones at that.  She is growing up isn't she?  I asked Ruben my hubby for some male input and got his opinion.  Got to be fair.  

The Best 5 Things About Father Daughter Dates 
 {According to a Dad and his daughter} 

1.  Quality time with Daddy

2.  Princess Treatment 

3.  High Respect

4. Communication

5. You are the Example 

Be challenged to schedule that father daughter date today!  The heart of your daughter depends on it.  

What are some other benefits that Father Daughter dates offer for your family?

Blessings and Shalom, 

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