Shirley Temple {A Tribute to America's Sweetheart}

She danced into the hearts of many lives.  Her curly locks inspired new style.  That sweet smile on her face and shining dimples gave a bygone era hopeful entertainment.  If I could use two words to describe Shirley Temple, it would be innocence and sparkle. 

I remember when I first encountered Shirley.  My Mom made me a fan of what we used to call "old movies" back in the day.  Remember those late night movies that were broadcast on your local t.v. station right before the station signed off for the night?  Those restless nights as a child when I couldn't sleep.  The enduring nights when I woke up sick as kids tend to do.  I was comforted and entertained by a little girl who could sing and dance.   A little girl who sang about happy landing on a chocolate bar.  Yum.  Images played in my head of beautiful things and the gifting that Shirley had on the screen was epic. I'm so thankful for those late night movies with my Mom.  She loved Shirley Temple too.

What about the records?  Oh yes.  I love me some vintage.

I think I played this Shirley Temple album about 1,000 times!  And yes, every time I sang and danced along.  How could you not?  As I was inspired to write this post upon hearing of Shirley's passing,  I was influenced to walk into my garage and look for my vinyl gem.  I found it.  Did you have a record like this?

I was inspecting it and realized it has paper doll cut outs of Shirley on the back of record album.  What a sign of the times?

Can you see the toddler scribble in red ink?  Yup, that's mine. 

Oh I'm really wanting a record player now to hear these songs again.  To take me back to 1981, in my parent's bedroom where I wore tap shoes and held an umbrella walking in my pretend rain.  Tap, Tap.  What can I say, I'm a child of nostalgia, but history is only good if you learn something from it.
Yes, this is me! lol 

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that Little Pink Casa is inspired by my Grandmother of yesteryear.   I remember in one of my interviews with my Grandma.  I asked her, "What was it like when you were a little girl?".   Since my Grandma was born in 1919, that made her a child of the roaring twenties and a teen during the great depression.  How exciting is that?  During that time cinema was becoming very popular.  Of course, silent pictures were a hit, but when talking pictures were introduced, that was life changing.

My Grandma told me that she'll never forget one of her highlights as a little girl was walking to the city corner and watching picture shows for a few pennies.  Yes, you heard me, pennies.   Her favorite of all time was watching Betty Boop cartoons and Shirley Temple movies.  My Grandma was about 10 years older than Shirley but she adored her.

I remember I was fourteen years old when my Grandma shared this with me.  I chuckled.  That was the very first time I saw Grandma not just as an older woman, but I realized she was like me.  She also was a little girl once before.   That moment, I took on a different respect for my Grandma.  I don't think she ever realized how cool she was to me since she was like a living history book for my brain to pick.   I came to the conclusion that it didn't matter because I'm writing and sharing that with you.

Now, I'm a thirty-something Mom with a curious daughter.  I get to share my Shirley Temple memories with her and sit back and watch those "old movies" on youTube and DVD.  Who would have thought? Although for some reason every time I watch one of those "old movies" with my little girl,  I feel like I could dance, sing and twirl around like it was yesterday.  Which I admit I still do that during Shirley Temple movies.  I thank the Lord,  Princess is still young enough to think that's funny and not annoying.  :)

I have a little niece with curls like Shirley.  One day I caught my daughter and her dancing and singing away.  It reminded me of Shirley.  Well, I have been saving that clip for a special post just like this one . . . this is it!   Click here if you can't see the video.   Who says vaudeville is dead?

There will never be another Shirley Temple, that's for sure.  However, isn't there a Shirley in every little girl?

Blessings and Shalom, 

What's your favorite Shirley Temple movie?

I'll always treasure  "Bright Eyes".   It's a tear jerker with a happy ending.  

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