Bible Lesson For Kids: You Shall Not Steal

Back in November, we had fun making a cool lesson for the kiddies in our home kids church and my lovely daughter helped with the lesson.  I'm just finding time to share it with you all. 

Princess came up with a marvelous idea to use her Barbie dolls to teach a lesson about the 8th commandment, "you shall not steal".  She has been very handy with creating videos lately using her dolls and toys.  So, when she came up with this idea, I couldn't wait!  Remember we are so much a "hands on" homeschool family.

I filmed and edited the video while Princess did everything else.  She created the storyline and acted it out in one take.  

We are sharing the lesson and Beach Girls video with you to teach to your little ones.

Thou Shall Not Steal

I used this Free Lesson: You Shall Not Steal.  I really liked how it engaged the kids and kept their attention.  Our Bible verse of the day was Exodus 20:15 "You Shall Not Steal".  

We watched the video bible lesson that little Princess (my daughter) created.  

Laughs all the way!  The kids loved it!

Then, the kids colored and worked on the Free Thou Shall Not Steal Toilet Paper Roll craft from Church House Collection

Overall, we had fun and the kids were impressed with the Beach Girls Episode.
I hope this helps you with teaching whether you are teaching about the 10 commandments or a topical study.  

What did you think about the video?  Did your kids watch it?

Any other ideas you have about teaching the 10 commandments are welcome!

Blessings and Shalom,

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