A New Year: Awakening the Dreams Within My Heart

At this time of the year, we generally tend to seek a closure of the past, yet we also strive for a brand new direction of what the new year brings.

I like to reflect in January on the past year.  

Accomplishments, heartaches, joys, blessings and trials.

It helps me realize that God has a plan, like a thread weaving it's way through a tapestry.

I sense that the Lord is desiring us to seek Him for what He wants in this new year.  Are we willing to ask? More or less are we willing to follow?

Sometimes we think we have it all planned out and yes setting goals are great.  However, I think we need to be sensitive to what the Lord is saying.  So not only do I reflect in January, but I feel the Lord has me seek Him for what is next in this new year.  

This past week, I got sick.   I was up all nights with restlessness and fighting the illness.  I prayed for healing, yet I felt the Lord had me in a place where I could just listen to Him.

I know,  as a Mom I'm the same way.  I fight it at first.  I love having the excuse that I can't do things because I am sick.  The extra attention from my hubby is nice.  After the 3rd day, this being sick business starts to stink.

And that's when the Lord begins to speak.
I'm no longer comfortable.
I'm tired and ready to change.
So I have realized that I better sit before my King and listen.

In this conversation, I am reminded that I am loved fully and I am His beauty. 

My dreams begin to be awakened.
I ask what do you want me to do this new year?
What will be my focus this year Lord?
What are your preparing me for?

And these are the things I hear the Lord say. . .   "I am reawakening your dreams".  

And I answer, "Hineni (here am I) Lord.  My dreams are yours to awaken".  

Do you pursue God's purpose for your new year?  

What are some of the dreams you need the Lord to reawaken in you?  

Blessings and Shalom, 

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