I'll Be Home For Christmas: A Message from a Prisoner Set Free

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So my sister asked me to write a post about being home for Christmas entitled just that , "I'll be home for Christmas ".  This will be the first year in over ten years where I can truly say "I'll be home for Christmas".  

First I must explain some things.  You see , I had been in prison for Christmas 2011 and Christmas 2012.   However,  the years before that I was incarcerated in a prison of my own making.  I had been struggling with addiction for well over the last 15 years of my life.  Addictions ranging from alcohol to cocaine, crystal meth and heroin.  The last ten years have been the most destructive.  Especially the last three.  My addiction finally reached a fever pitch and I found myself in a lot of trouble.  

The point is . . . I haven't really been home for Christmas in many many years.  I have four  beautiful children and I honestly can't even remember spending Christmas with them . Not because I wasn't here physically , but because I wasn't there mentally.  

However .... this year by the grace of God .. I will be home for Christmas.  

I'm proud to admit and give God all the glory that I have been clean going on eight months now. I have never reached the one year sobriety mark , and am looking forward to it.   None of this would be remotely possible if it weren't for Jesus' redeeming grace ... I truly am blessed to be able to share this Christmas with my children, close family and loved ones this year.  I give the one and only true God, creator of heaven and earth , all the glory honor and praise for setting me free physically and mentally from all that was keeping me bound.  

I'd like to encourage you to take a little time out of your day today and hold the ones you love dear closely.  Tell them you love them.   Life is too short for regrets and we are all on borrowed time.   I thank you for all your prayers and please continue to keep me and my family in prayer as the battle isn't over.  I go back to court January 6th on the new charges the state is alleging against me.  Please pray that the Lord's will be done.  

In closing, I'm so thankful to have come home and be with all of you.  I hope and pray this is the first of many Christmas' I'll be spending with you all.  I'm so blessed to be able to say, "I'll be home for Christmas!".  

There is power in the Name of Jesus to Break every chain!
As a sister of a brother who has been set free of addiction, I honestly can say, my brother is Home for Christmas this year because of the constant power of prayer!  Only through the redeeming blood of Jesus was my brother delivered from addictions and pain.  May I encourage you also?   

Are you suffering from addictions or know someone who is? 

Do you have a family member in prison? 

It may take years.  It may take months.   It may take many tears.  It may take much persevered faith.   It may take surrendering all to the Lord.  No matter what, there is hope for you and your situation.  The Lord hears your prayers.  You are not alone.  Never give up. 

Can we pray for you?  Please contact us for prayer and encouragement.  
There is power in prayer.  Don't do this alone.  We are here for you. 

Blessings and Shalom, 

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