Christmas Love Notes for the Kids!

Kids love to get mail.  Just ask Princess, our eight year old daughter.  She will tell you if something comes in the mail for her (which rarely does) she goes estatic!

One day my daughter came up with a super cute idea I'm going to share with you today.  Princess is such a words person.  One of her love languages is Words of Affirmation.  If you haven't read the book The Five Love Languages, then you must!  Anyways, back to our super cute idea.

One morning, Princess created a little box from an old Barbie valentine box and cut up some pieces of paper.  She set it up real cute on her table in our homeschool room and invited me to take a peek.  She then told me if I wanted to write her a love note, go ahead and then place it in the box.  I thought, how cute is that!  

An hour later, when she wasn't in the room, I hurried over to the table, grabbed a red pen and started to write.  It was a special note that told her how special she was to me.  I folded the note up and placed it inside the box.  I couldn't wait for her to look inside her box and find a love note waiting inside.  Twenty minutes later,  as I was doing dishes at the kitchen sink, I felt a big hug wrap around me.   I knew she had read my love note!  I turned around with excitement and saw the biggest smile on her sweetest face.  Thank you Mom, she said.  I'll never forget that moment.

The littlest things do make the biggest impact don't they?

Then, it hit me.  We can do this as a family?  We can all write love notes to each other from time to time.

Christmas love notes

While I was at the Dollar Store, one day, I spotted a cute mailbox all decked out with gingerbread.  My daughter and I go nuts over gingerbread anything!  I just had to buy it for our love notes!

Then it hit me again.  Let's do special love notes for Christmas!

So, to make a long story short. . . this is our super cute idea. . . Christmas love notes mailbox and all.  Isn't so cute?  Now, I know I use the word cute very often, but in this situation it is appropriate.

Princess wanted to share this idea with you all so you could start your own Christmas love notes with your family.   Share the love and keep it going all year round!   

What special way do you and your family communicate love? 

Got a tradition you share during the Christmas season?  

Our family loves to cook and bake together, and in our family traditions of cooking together means . . . tamales!  Hint, hint:  Look forward to that post coming up next week.  Yum!

Blessings and Shalom, 

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