Best Tamale Day Ever! A Christmas Family Tradition

A Christmas time favorite of our family is making and mostly eating tamales!  Grandma, my Mama's Mom made the best tamales and well my Mama who learned from her continues to carry on the family recipe.  This week, my big Sis, little bro and I came together and helped our Mama make those yummy tamales.   It was a fun family bonding time!  

My niece was also there, but she hid in the background and was promoted to photographer.  As you can see a great pic of red chile con carne and olives . . . must have lots of olives! 

Must start this tamale day off with lots of coffee!  

First, my brother Josh helps Mama mix the masa . . . we had lots of laughs with this one!  Ha ha!  

The hojas de maize were soaked and ready for spreading.

Mama tests the masa de maiz to see if it is a right consistancy. 
 Looks good! 

Here we go, like an assembly line.  Spread, fill, spread, fill . . . 

My beautiful Mama!  Grandma would be proud Mom.  

My daughter and my nephew enjoyed watching it all and eating the olives!

 I had fun watching their expressions!  He's taking mental notes.  

The kids loved their homeschool tamale cooking lesson!

After 10 dozen tamales and then some later, of course they are not all here in the photo.  That would be a very big photo!  We even made a trendy chevron tamale.  Can you find it?  The yummy tamales are ready to cook, but not to be eaten until Christmas Eve for dinner.  
Hey, it's tradition! 

Oh me, oh my Sis . . .  what's a girl to do, tamales are hard work! lol

Best Tamale Day Ever! 
What a fun day it was and we definitely made family memories.  I love that about cooking!  

Have you made tamales before?  What are some of your tamale tips?  

Blessings and Shalom,

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