Search My Heart, Oh God

Happy Monday!  Are you preparing for your Thanksgiving spread today? I know I have a few post it notes lying on my desk with everything I need to get done this week.  Our family is preparing for Thanksgivikah, oh vey!  So do I got lots of lists going on!  
Yes, I still prefer post it notes and hard copy lists in this digital age.  

This morning, I was thinking about these verses in Matthew 6:19-21.  As we get busy with Christmas approaching, we tend to start focusing on the gifts, on the stuff, things, and worldly treasures. 
I know we've heard it time and time again. . . it's not about the gifts, it's about the greatest gift, God's son Jesus.  Do we believe that?  

These things can't compare to what the Lord has in store for us in Heaven. 

Sometimes we have to evaluate our heart.  
Where is your heart today? 

I encourage you today to keep your focus every day during this season on the Giver of good gifts-Jesus. No earthly gifts, presents, or treasure can compare to the good gifts He has for us.  

Jesus is 
The Giver of Salvation
The Giver of New Life
The Giver of Love
The Giver of Peace
The Giver of Hope

 Nothing can ever compare to Him! 

Now it's your turn!  How would you finish this phrase for your life?  
Jesus is the Giver of . . . 

Blessings and Shalom, 

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