How to Teach Kids About Money and Starting a Business

Got a little entrepreneur on your hands? Great!  Making a craft and selling it is a great way to teach your children about money with the benefits of making a few extra dollars.

My daughter Hadara and I were brainstorming ideas on how to raise some money for her piano lessons and to give to our local congregation for children's ministry.  I immediately thought it had to be something easy to make.  We can't spend any extra money on the craft.  

Finally, it will need to be cute enough, yet be marketable. 

I looked through our craft closest for a spark of creativity.

I then made a list of things my daughter was good at doing like drawing, art, music, and writing.  Then, we brainstormed a few ideas and came up with our list.

Hadara decided to make homemade Bible bookmarks and flower hair clips.  

She was so excited as she made each bookmark.  

I helped Princess hot glue and that's about it.  

The Bible bookmarks came out very pretty and the different materials, laces and embellishments we used were vintage finds from my Grandma's remnants.  This made it even more special! 

 We decorated a coffee can to display them-so shabby chic! 

Hadara sold all the bookmarks in one night to our congregation.  The next week she sold her flower hair clips.  I was so happy for her.  Of course, I know our customers were friends who wanted to help, however, her Bible bookmarks were pretty too.  She was so excited when she met her selling goal for the week.  I don't have a photo of the hair clips to show you.  They sold out before I could get a pic!  Wow!  

She was able to donate a percentage to the children's ministry and have enough for her 1st month of piano lessons.  She even had a little extra to go shopping just for her!  I was so proud of her as she collected the payment for each and did all the selling including the math on her own.  

Why is it a great way to teach kids about money?

How do you get started? 

1. Find out what your child is interested in or great at doing.

2.  Make a list of those interests that can be marketable.  

3.  Decide on a fair price that will give you profit for the valuable time you put into your product.  We sold our items for $1 each, but it depends on how much time and the cost of your materials. 

4.  Have fun and get going!  You never know where this could lead. 

Most of all, this is a a great opportunity to teach our kiddies about math.  I think it would be a great project for a big family or if your children are interested in business.  I believe the Lord gives us inventions and creative ideas and they can even pay our bills.  Right?! 

Have you started a kid biz or have some other creative ways to teach math?  
I'd love to hear your ideas! Please comment and post them.  

Keeping on, keeping it simple and keeping it creative! 

Blessings and Shalom

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