How to Celebrate the First Day of Homeschool: Book Character Day!

Don't you love the first day of homeschool?

I know, some of you may lack the motivation to get back into the swing of things.  Sometimes, you just need a new approach or a refreshing idea to bring back FUN into your homeschool.   Back to school can be fun . . . really.  :)

We celebrate back to school by dressing up as a book character.  Hadara likes to play with Lalaloopsy dolls lately and enjoys reading their books.  So, this year, she decided to dress up as her favorite Lalaloopsy doll (Jewel Sparkles) on her first day of homeschool.  Now, I know it's not classic literature, but we have plenty of time to get into our classic lit books in the months to come. 

This is something she likes and enjoys.  It's important for your kiddies to be excited about something, plus it's so fun.  It's a great way to say, "Let's jump into reading!", on the first day of homeschool.  It's a great out of the box idea that can be used for any book your child loves to read!  I even dress up sometimes as my favorite character from my childhood and get to talk about it.  This sparks Hadara's interest and gets conversation going.  Yes, it's okay to talk while learning.  Why do they teach us to be silent at school anyways?  Remember this is your homeschool, a time to connect with your children.  Make learning fun! 

So how do you celebrate your first day of homeschool? 
What are some of your crazy and cool ideas?  

Here's to a totally fabulous and blessed homeschool year!  

Blessings and Shalom, 

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