Easy Summer Coastal Chic DIY

Do you ever get in those weird creative moods where you just itch to do some DIY?
Well this project has inch written all over it.   I had a old gold cheap dollar store frame that was a very odd size.  I couldn't put a 3x5 or a 5x7 or any other size inside it without it looking awkward.
I had just bought some pretty turquoise paint and wanted to see this color splashed all around my family room to help accent my summer coastal chic decor.

So. . . . . this is what the project ended up to be.  A new paint color, old frame and dollar store sea shells and a little ribbon for hanging!

I first started to paint the frame, couldn't wait!  I used a cosmetic sponge to create that vintage look.

Next, I glued muslin type material which I already had from scraps onto cardboard backing.

I placed the board back into the frame and arranged my sea shells then hot glued them down. 

I  trimmed my ribbon to hang.  All done! 

VERY fun and easy dollar store DIY to do with the kids.  How fun to use your vacation shells from Summer for a memory board. 

Have you made any summer crafts with the kiddos lately?   Post your craft ideas.  
It's going to be a bright summer day! 

Blessings and Shalom

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