July Water Fun

Is a built in swimming pool really a better choice for summer water fun?  Hmmm, I was thinking about this and I started to reflect back on my own childhood.  We didn't have a swimming pool, but we had a yard and a hose and a sprinkler.  We didn't live in a community where there was access to a community pool.  I lived in a time when you knew it was summer because when you went to Kmart, and there were plastic pools outside on display ready to buy!  I still remember that excitement.

Some of my best memories were when my brother and I spent numerous days outside running through the sprinker and spraying each other with the hose.  We made up games and took breaks to sit and eat watermelon or popsicles.  The best parts were feeling the wet grass in between our toes and the worst problem we had to face was dirty grassy feet.  Oh well.  I don't remember how hot it was during those summer AZ days.  All I remember was the fun and laughs we had and that funny colorful sprinker bug that waved his little antennas around and water sprayed out of it.  Did any of you have one of those bug sprinklers?  Maybe if you were an 80's child?  I'm dating myself.

Yes, I did have one of those plastic pools some summers as a little girl too.  That was fun, but for some reason the most memories I have are the ones that were much simpler involving the simple water hose.

Well, this 4th of July, my daughter and her little cousins got together at Grandma's house and there was no built in swimming pool.  Just a slip and slide and a hose and a sprinker.  I sat back and watched how the kids excitement grew with anticipation as they watched my Dad (Grandpa) through the window get the whole water fun set up.  They ran out of the door and ran right into the water.  Their smiles told the whole story!  What a fun day!  At the end of their fun, Grandpa took the hose and surprisingly sprayed the little ones, ha ha!  I laugh even now as I remember.  I can still hear their laughter including my own.  What a simple day.

As families, we don't need a lot of money to have summer water fun.  It's the great times we spend together that turn a budget water day into a rich day of memories.

What are some fun budget ways your family has fun during the summer?   Share your comments.  Have a great Monday and keep pressing on.

Blessings and Shalom,

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