Best Girl's Sock Hop 1950's Birthday Party on a Budget

Are you planning a 1950's theme party?  
Here's some tips on how I created the Best Girl's Sock Hop ever on a budget!  I also have a 1950's Birthday Party List I created with everything in this post and more for you to download and print out.  Scroll down to the bottom- to download your free list.  

Plan the Party

I was very anxious to find great ideas when planning my little girl's 50's theme birthday party on a budget.  I had only 2 weeks to plan and put this party together.  

We ended up having 50 guests total!  Yes!! 25 kiddies and 25 adults!!  All at a 50's party!  Go figure. 
So with a little bit of creativity,  these are some helpful ideas I came up with that may help you in planning your next sock hop 50's theme party. 

Where ? 

The party was held outside in our community playground across the street from our home.  It had a great ramada and covered playground.  


I made record invitations out of black poster board.  The front is shown and the back had the invite I had created.  I placed them in a plastic sleeve you can get from 

I found fun invite wording and picked a few phrases here and there and wrote up my own to fit our party.  I printed it up and cut it out to fit the other side of record.  Notice the "7 RPM" stands for our little girl's birthday age.  

Decorations on a Budget

I found popcorn containers at dollar store and taped mini records to them.
The mini records ended up being our entire theme.  50's music was the inspiration.  The mini records were cut apart from a hanging records decoration I found at Party City.  You get like 50 of them, very good deal and only costs like $4.
The mini records were so cute! 

I also found some clip art online which I printed up as signs, framed it and taped records to frame also.

Use What You Got

We got into my girl's toys and found 50's related mini build a bears which added to decor with a gum ball machine from dollar store and M & M's machine we had.  The blue polka dots napkins were from Dollar store and added to our retro 50's flair.  

              Glass malt glasses made great candy holders for pixie sticks candies and for dips.

The polka dots napkins created our table theme along with pink placemats and pink plates, all from Dollar store.  Mix and Match. 

My gigantic Coca Cola glass pitcher I kept hidden inside my cabinets came in handy to hold yummy oreo cookies to look like old-fashioned soda pop.  


Prizes included donated FREE In and Out kiddie stickers (they were so nice to give me 25 books of stickers)  I found the pink "cat eye" heart glasses for girls and stickers for boys all at Dollar store.  I  wrapped them up in plastic bags with those mini records again. 

 Utilizing as many things over and over again, but packaged differently saves $$$$!

Poodle Skirt Costume

I decided to make a no sew poodle skirt for my daughter to wear and actually made one for her cousin also.  

I found a great tutorial for the poodle skirt  that was very simple to make.  It gave a poodle template, but I found my iron on poodle appliqués at Joanne's.  I added sequin ribbon and that was it! 

My mom had a few retro tags left from her sewing archives that I thought was appropriate to sew on skirt, so cute!   I had extra material left over and they were perfect circles, so I created records from them.  Used them to decorate my cake table.

Poodle Skirt 50's Barbie Cake

I made the cake using the video tutorial from Betty Crocker  princess cake, but modified mine to become a poodle skirt 50's girl.  I used a barbie and put her hair up in a pony tail.  I used a mini appliqué poodle from Joanne's for the cake.  The cake did take me 5 hours. What?!!  I know, I know. . .  of course, I decided to bake my first decorated cake ever the night before party which = no sleep.

Ice Cream Cupcakes

I couldn't stop with just a cake, no way!  So the kiddies at the party got ice-cream cone cupcakes with frosting and sprinkles.  Those were fun to make and the kids loved eating those!  I found a great way to make my cupcake holders which helped me transport them across the street to our community playground which is where the party took place.  I decorated them with the left over musical foam stickers I had found at the dollar store.

Rock Around The Clock

Music was the key that made this party rock!  All of our games were musically involved.  So I had created 3 playlists with songs only from the 1950's.  It was surprising to see how many songs I thought were from the 50's that were really 60's songs so I cut those out.  

I learned some musical history doing this project, cool bonus.

Birthday party playlist

Dance Contest Playlist

 Girls Birthday Songs playlist


We had a American Band Stand lip sync contest and used giant blow up microphones from Party City.  The kids's had a blast!  We also had a Juke box piñata because you got to have candy at a kid's party right? 

The hula hoop contest was classic!

Can't go wrong with the blowing bubble gum bubbles contest and the dance "Twist" contest!

                                   Look at those dancing sock hoppers and greasers!! 

Elvis was there!! (scream)  ahhhhhhh!  The things Dads will do for their little birthday girls!  Hadara was so cute standing there as Ruben sang, "I can't help falling in love with you"! Seriously, I'm putting this pic in her wedding video. 

and here we are. . . Our Blast from the Past family pic!  

Nostalgia- oh yah!

I have to end on this note. . . my parents all decked out . . . well it is their generation after all!   They rocked the Look and rocked around the clock! 

 It doesn't get any better than this folks! 

Rockin' Around The Clock Dance-watch now! 

It's still hard to believe my hubby and I whipped this 50's party up all in 2 weeks and spent less than $65 on this party!  We had a joyful time celebrating Hadara's 7th birthday.  Isn't it all about making sweet memories with family and friends anyway? 

I hope this post helped you plan your 1950's party!  

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