Easy 4th of July DIY Door Hanger and T-shirt

Sometimes I just get some creative motivation at the spur of the moment. 
How about you? 

It was the day before 4th of July and I was itching to make some fun patriotic diy. I totally whipped this all together in under an hour! I created a 4th of July sign for my front door.  

I used $1 wooden coasters from Michaels which come in a set of 5-such a good deal.  I painted the one coaster white.  I bought some polka dot ribbon and red rig rag and had some old buttons in my stash.  Hot glued it all to create a American flag, so cute.

I also used this idea to create a shirt for my daughter to wear with pride! 
Yes, and that was like in less than 10 min.  

I used the same supplies and hot glued them to a white shirt. 

My daughter Hadara loved wearing her new shirt 
and we added some of the polka dot ribbon to her hair! 

What are some crafts you do on the spur of the moment?  
It's fun and it's creative.  Why not?

Let the creative juices run wild and craft away with the kids today.

Keep pressing on Moms!

Blessings and Shalom,

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